Due to the especially high resilience of the fabric, the bellicon® mat is suitable for people weighing up to 200 kg. The rebounding mat is very anti-slip and presently available in the following colors: black-orange, black-pink or blue-orange.


If you are not sure, what diameter, rope ring strenght or leg variation is the best for you, see our product range overview for details. For further questions please contact us at Tel. +49-2203-202220.

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Price: € 434,00

Product specification

bellicon, 112 cm, screw legs, mat black-orange, rope rings orange / medium (blue clip)


Optional accessories

Support grips assist you if you feel unsure whilst exercising on a bellicon. They add the necessary security in the beginning.


When small children are swinging or bouncing on the bellicon, the orange frame cushion which is made from thick foam is recommended.


Thanks to our practical carrying bags, you can not only use your bellicon trampoline at home, but also take it with you at any time. Have you ever jumped outside in the fresh air? You will love it.


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