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Our highly elastic bungees will help you stretch, too

It’s not only athletes who need to stay flexible. Flexibility is important throughout the day - tying shoes, reaching that high shelf, getting in and out of cars - and helps prevent stress and injury.

A gentle warm-up on a bellicon® not only loosens muscles, joints, and cartilage, but also lubricates discs and vertebrae - giving you a wider range of motion. Since most exercises on a bellicon® involve moving your arms and legs in opposite directions or twisting your torso, you’ll be stretching your core muscles from abdominals to chest and strengthening them at the same time.

a woman flexing her upper body on a bellicon® mini trampoline
a woman casually bounding on a bellicon® mini trampoline

Bounce first, stretch later

If you’re into yoga or your workout already includes a lot of stretching, try spending 20 minutes on a bellicon® before your routine. You won’t believe the difference it makes. The gentle bounce cycle relaxes muscles, joints and connecting tissue, making them more supple and less prone to injury. This world-class, low-impact cardiovascular workout is the perfect complement to range of motion stretching, helping to build strength and flexibility. Stiff, sore muscles that cause body aches and pains are gently massaged out.

Great workouts on the bellicon to improve your flexibility

A twelve minute video of stretch exercises on the bellicon by Kim and Kathy from Pilates on Fifth in New York City

bellicon strech sequence by Katherine & Kimberly Corp, NYC

purBounce routine on the bellicon - balance, streching & cardio

purBounce routine on the bellicon - balance, streching & cardio

Pilates on the bellicon by Bettina Jost

Pilates on the bellicon by Bettina Jost, Physiotherapist