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  • Strengthen your cardiovascular system – even short training stimulates blood circulation

  • Comprehensive training – endurance, strength and coordination training in one

  • Prevent thrombosis – regular endurance training stimulates blood flow and prevents deposits

  • Online training companion – cardiovascular exercises with bellicon Home – easy, motivating and fun from home

  • Fit even in old age – with bellicon cardiovascular training for all ages and all fitness levels

Cardio training with the bellicon®
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Prevent thrombosis and strengthen circulation through gentle training on the trampoline

We often sit too much, exercise too little, and sometimes we simply don't have enough motivation to do sports. A sedentary lifestyle is one of the biggest contributors to cardiovascular problems. It is particularly difficult for us to get active when there is no fun in doing exercise. Training on our bellicon® trampoline can help. Because it is guaranteed to make you feel really happy! Harmonious bouncing stimulates all body systems, releases happiness hormones, trains endurance and coordination and strengthens the deep-lying muscles. bellicon means exercising with fun, not like monotonous cycling or just jogging on the spot.

cardiovascular training at home

Cardio training with the bellicon® at home

You can choose the training intensity individually and adapt it to your own heart rate. Training on the bellicon® goes easy on the joints, thus strengthening your heart muscle gently. Strengthen your cardiovascular system effectively with the trampoline and benefit from thrombosis prophylaxis with fun in exercising. The bellicon® is your ideal training partner on which you can train your cardiovascular system and do exercises at your own pace without being stretched too thin.

Increased cardiac output during physical activity makes your heart beat faster and pumps blood into the arteries and veins at a higher flow rate. In addition, the trampoline effect of tension and relaxation supports vascular dynamics. Imagine a water hose that you squeeze so that you can water your plants in the garden with a more powerful jet of water. It works the same way with us: the vessel walls are contracted and relaxed again. Together with the muscle pump, this stimulates blood flow.
As with the lymphatic system, it is important for the cardiovascular system that the peripheral (heart-wide) muscles are activated to encourage the return of venous blood to the heart.

Prevent thrombosis with the bellicon®


Personal responsibility: trampoline training gets your circulation going

In today's world, cardiovascular problems are often seen as a modern widespread disease, as many people develop symptoms during their lifetime. There are many reasons for cardiovascular diseases. There are types of behaviour that significantly increase this risk, such as smoking, alcohol consumption and an unhealthy diet. At the same time, a lack of exercise, obesity and stress also play a decisive role.

The more risk factors you have, the higher the likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease. Over the years, you have more and more arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), in which the blood vessels gradually close due to deposits, becoming less elastic. As a result, blood circulation becomes worse, high blood pressure occurs and the risk of serious heart disease increases.

It's up to you

The various causes clearly show that many risk factors can be avoided. You should, therefore, start preventing cardiovascular diseases as early as possible by keeping your circulatory system active through regular exercise.

Make training a part of your everyday routine and develop your own training routine.

With the bellicon® mini trampoline, it's very easy to do, during your lunch break in the home office or in front of the television in the evening – all from the comfort of your home. Simple exercises allow you to improve your blood circulation and can strengthen your circulation in a targeted and sustained manner.

training with the bellicon®


Cardio: Customer testimonial bellicon®


„ [...] I have oedema and they halved because of exercise, and I was almost able to stop taking my blood pressure pills. I also lost a few kilos thanks to training on my bellicon® every day."

Cardio: Expert testimonial bellicon®

Dr Jean-Paul Pianta
Chiropractic Centre Hannover

"In my opinion, the bellicon® trampoline is the best possible product for effective endurance training, because it allows you to avoid the negative effects of gravity that are always associated with running and jogging."


Stabilise your knee: Training on the trampoline

You don't have to turn your whole life upside down for an active and healthy cardiovascular system. The rule is: small trampoline – big effect!

  • Trampoline jumping is training for the whole body – from head to toe, everything gets moving and is trained with a lot of fun

  • Due to alternating braking and acceleration when jumping, bellicon training is a workout for all internal organs, muscles, your cardiovascular system and the entire metabolism


Training tips for efficient training

Tips for efficient training: Increase intensity slowly

Increase the intensity slowly

  • Start your training with good posture and get used to the moveable jumping mat.

  • Always keep at least one foot on the mat and avoid jumping high in the beginning – bounce with the mat.

  • After a training session, it is important that you stop with the training slowly. Treat yourself to a cool-down and bounce slower and slower before getting off back onto hard ground.

Tips for efficient training on the trampoline: Controlling the pulse

Controlling your pulse

  • To keep your pulse under control, we recommend exercising with a heart rate monitor or watch. Make sure that you train at a heart rate that is comfortable for you. In the case of cardiovascular diseases, it is important that you discuss your training intensity with your doctor beforehand.

  • Arm movements during bellicon® training have a great influence on the pulse rate. Make sure to move your arms below shoulder level initially so that your heart doesn't have to pump blood upwards against gravity.

Tips for efficient training on the trampoline

Am I seasick?

  • When using the bellicon® mini trampoline for the first time, it may feel a bit "strange" – why so?

    • Drink about 300-500ml of water about 30 minutes before training so that you are well hydrated during training.

    • The bellicon® mini trampoline mat can be moved in all directions and challenges all body systems at once. The interaction of your eyes and vestibular system may lead to an overload, which can result in an uncomfortable, seasickness-like feeling.

Tips for efficient training on the trampoline: Regular training

Regular training

  • Regular training sessions are important to strengthen circulation sustainably

  • Short daily sessions of around 10 minutes are a good start and stimulate blood circulation

  • In order to stabilise your cardiovascular system over the long term, we recommend training with the bellicon® 3 times a week for approx. 20-30 minutes

Tips for efficient training on the trampoline: better blood flow

Blood flow noticeable quickly

  • You then feel your blood flowing, and your circulatory system gets really stimulated:
    raise your arms straight above your head towards the ceiling and slowly start swinging them. The pumping effect can now be felt very clearly in the wrists, which shows that your blood and lymphatic fluid are really moving around.

Tips for efficient training on the trampoline: Prevent too much tension in the calves

Tension in the calves

  • Too much tension in your calf muscles can be a result of poor posture. Make sure to not just put your toes but your entire foot and heels on the jumping mat.

  • Your blood and lymphatic fluid go down into your legs and calves, creating pressure from the inside on the muscles/fascia and the like.

  • If this tensioning cannot be tolerated anymore, slowly end your training and get off the bellicon®. Walk a few feet on the floor, then slowly resume exercising.


Endurance training with the trampoline

Endurance training on the bellicon® is a lot of fun and it's effective. Whether inside or outside – thanks to our bellicon Home online training platform, you always have your ideal training companion by your side. Start today and really get your circulatory system going!

Tips for a healthy circulatory system:

  • Let our trainers inspire, motivate and encourage you to do longer training sessions.

  • Our trained team of trainers offer you a large selection of different exercises and training sessions – at your own pace and according to your taste
    Tip: to get more oxygen, simply take your bellicon® out into the garden and increase your oxygen supply with a relaxing outdoor workout.


Prevent cardiovascular diseases with the right bellicon®

bellicon® Premium

Would you like to do something good for your body? Then we recommend the bellicon® Premium with a diameter of 112 cm. Do you want to train in the fresh air, get more oxygen and improve vitality? Take your bellicon® outside with you and choose a model with practical fold-in-legs. In this way, you are flexible and can place your mini trampoline wherever you want, whenever you want. If you get caught in the rain during your training, no problem at all – the bellicon® Premium is made of rust-free stainless steel! So get on your trampoline and start bouncing hard!