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  • Fun whilst exercising – experience the feeling of exercising with ease

  • Extra motivation – was starting to do sports again always long and arduous? Then you will have fun exercising again with the diverse exercises on and with the bellicon®!

  • Without any discomfort – train and be easy on your joints with no pain thanks to soft bouncing on the bellicon®

  • At any time and in your favourite place – just train in your own home

  • Sensomotoric training – exercise without annoying or uncomfortable shoes – your feet will love it!

  • We take you by the hand – thanks to our training platform, you can easily take part in accompanying training sessions from home

Prevent diabetes on the trampoline
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Exercise to reduce high blood sugar levels 

Training with diabetes

In addition to genetic factors, diabetes can also be encouraged by obesity and lack of exercise. Those affected often find it difficult to add regular exercise to their everyday routine. The reasons for this are often lack of motivation or existing joint pain, which in turn often result from the existing overweight. It is, therefore, important to find a type of exercise that's fun and minimises stress on the joints. Here, the bellicon® mini trampoline offers a lot of fun with its diverse fields of application and exercises that go gentle on the joints. At the same time, it is highly effective at preventing long-term diabetes: by tensing or relaxing the muscles during training, the muscles are strengthened, calories are burned and coordination trained. In addition, the bellicon® is ideal for preventing or keeping osteoporosis at bay, another typical side effect of diabetes.

If health problems affect your ability to exercise, you should discuss the training programme with your attending doctor beforehand. This is especially true for diabetics, as both the disease itself and its accompanying symptoms and treatment options can really vary from person to person.

Training with diabetes

10 reasons why exercise helps against diabetes:

  1. Insulin sensitivity increases – the cells react better to insulin.

  2. Exercise lowers blood sugar – blood sugar is regulated due to increased insulin sensitivity.

  3. Fewer concomitant diseases – if your blood sugar level is normal, the risk of accompanying health issues such as neurological diseases or retinal problems is minimised.

  4. Muscles are built up – the more muscle mass, the greater the body's glucose stores. This also regulates the blood's sugar level.

  5. Less medication – through natural regulation, you often need less chemical medication.

  6. Shed pounds – exercise burns calories, and you lose body weight. You will feel lighter and exercise can become real fun.

  7. The cardiovascular system is stimulated – blood circulation is stimulated, and your metabolism "revs up".

  8. Secure in everyday life – your own perception and coordination are trained, which leads to more security in everyday life (fall prevention).

  9. Endurance training – regular exercise keeps you fit and vital.

  10. Sport brings people together – social interchange is sociable and is fun.

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Exercise can help prevent the long-term effects of diabetes

Diabetes is one of the most widespread diseases, and most people are affected by type 2 diabetes. With this form, the blood sugar level is increased because body cells can no longer adequately respond to the insulin hormone. In Germany, but also in many neighbouring countries, there is a massive increase in the number of people with this disease. Around half a million people are diagnosed with diabetes each year and have to learn to deal with the symptoms and effects on a day-to-day basis. Although the exact cause of this "diabetes" has not yet been clarified, it is clear that not only genetic predisposition, but also an unhealthy diet, obesity and lack of exercise are jointly responsible for the occurrence and progression of diabetes.

Gymnastics with the bellicon®

A high blood sugar level can lead to symptoms such as tiredness, poor concentration, listlessness or dizziness. If the blood sugar level remains permanently high, the person is at risk of falling into a diabetic coma, in which he or she becomes unconscious. This condition is life-threatening and is a medical emergency.
The long-term effects of diabetes should not be underestimated either. Many sick people suffer from diabetic foot syndrome, which leads to abnormal sensations and circulatory disorders in the affected body region. Wound healing becomes abnormal as well, which is why therapy is often difficult.
Diabetic foot syndrome can be prevented with various measures. As a preventive measure, for example, you should pay attention to the right footwear to avoid pressure points. Feet should be checked and cared for daily so that skin mutations can be discovered and treated quickly. In addition to these measures, foot gymnastics are recommended, e.g., on the soft jumping mat of the bellicon®, as metabolic processes are stimulated and blood circulation in the feet is improved.


Lowering blood sugar through guided training

Regular training can, on the one hand, minimise the risk of diabetes and, on the other hand, prevent long-term damage in the case of an existing illness. With our bellicon Home online training platform, we offer you a variety of training sessions that motivate you every day in providing your body with that certain amount of exercise – with lots of fun!

Training tips:

  • Check your blood sugar level – monitor your body regularly and measure your blood sugar level before, during and after training. In the beginning, you should find out which intensity is right for you.

  • Gradually increase the intensity – increase the intensity step by step so that you feel good and enjoy exercising.

  • Getting on and off carefully – it is always important to get on and off correctly; with advanced diabetes, you should be even more careful if your feet are affected by numbness.


Prevent diabetes with lots of fun on the trampoline

bellicon® Plus

Our bellicon® Plus model from the Classic Family is ideally suited to actively address typical symptoms of diabetes. For more safety during daily training, the bellicon Plus offers a handle that you can assemble easily and quickly.

  • More security and balance: the T-bar gives you security when you start training.

  • Conquer your weaker self: a bellicon® with screw-in-legs is less easy to stow away and reminds you regularly of your training session. Hang in there and have fun!