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An older woman sits smiling on a bellicon® mini trampoline

Everyone from fitness gurus, doctors, athletes and health institution representatives to award jury members is saying that bellicon® is the world’s best mini trampoline. If that isn’t enough for you, here’s what they’re so excited about: A German engineered rebounder, with all the attention to detail that implies, crafted to the highest environmental standards from top-grade materials and available in 1,500 configuration options.

While all those facts may make your head spin, your heart will sing every time you get on the bellicon®. And that’s the real reason we have such happy customers.

An older man casually walks on his bellicon® mini trampoline

Vital exercise!

Exercise is the elixir of youth. When you’re young, you need it so that your body develops correctly. As an adult, you need it to maintain your strength and health. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen.

The reality is that most people become less and less active as they grow older. In fact, Department of Health figures indicate that only 17 percent of men and 13 percent of women over the age of 65 work out sufficiently. Ideally, the opposite should be true because regular exercise is even more vital for the elderly. It helps prevent bone loss and the associated risk of fractures as well as reducing your chances of getting dozens of other age-related diseases.

Put a youthful spring in your step

Age doesn’t matter when you feel this fit

Why choose a bellicon®?

Fitness equipment often forces you to move at its own pace. With the bellicon®, you’re the speedometer. And you don’t need to go at a clip for every muscle in your body to be strengthened, your metabolism to tick up and your balance and flexibility to improve.

In fact, the simplest rebounding workout, called health bouncing, produces wonderful results. All it involves is taking advantage of the remarkable elasticity of the bellicon® by moving up and down without your feet ever leaving the mat. This gentle, vitality-boosting workout exercises your whole body while sparing it any stress or strain. It’s also the routine of choice for beginners and people with health problems who find vigorous exercise difficult or painful. Even more experienced rebounders use it to warm up or cool down.

A woman of about 70 exercising with support hand bars on a bellicon® mini trampoline

The bellicon® that’s best for you

Each bellicon® is assembled to meet your requirements so it’ll be a perfect fit for you. When choosing a model, size, bungee strength and any accessories, keep these points in mind:

A picture of a support bar mounted on a bellicon® mini trampoline

Support bars

Support bars are our most popular accessory. Made from the same heavy-duty steel as our frames, these custom handrails offer added security and stability, allowing you to exercise with confidence.

A picture depicting the three frame sizes available in which a bellicon® mini trampoline is available

Frame sizes: 39 inches, 44 inches, and 49 inches

The 49 inches model’s large mat area is more than you’ll need as a health bouncer. If you’re also smaller in stature, you’ll be perfectly happy with the 39 inches frame.

a picture of the bellicon® folding leg system

Folding legs

If you intend ordering support bars with your bellicon®, best go for the screw-in legs since the bars would have to be removed anyway before the legs can be folded.

A picture of five black bungee rings in different rebound strengths depicted by thei colourful clips

Bungee strength

We offer five bungee strengths: soft, medium, strong, extra-strong, ultra. You choose your bungee strength based on your weight.

a graphic depiction of joints and the spine alluring to physical ailments and the correct choice of bungees

Choosing a bungee strength for your ailment

If your feet overpronate seriously enough to affect your balance, consider choosing bungees a category stiffer. You’re also best served by bungees one category stiffer if you’re intending to combat osteoporosis or osteopenia by rebounding. Even if you suffer from knee, hip, lower back, spinal problems or any physical condition where it’s important to keep impact to an absolute minimum, the optimum bungee strength for your weight is still the best.

Jump up to a new level of fitness. Order your bellicon® today!