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  • Reduce and prevent discomfort - By exercising on the bellicon® trampoline you can reduce your discomfort and the further development of lipoedema can be slowed down or even stopped

  • Pain-free exercises - Gentle exercises on the bellicon® mini trampoline are pain-free even for sensitive skin with lipoedema.

  • Stimulate lymph flow - Accumulated fluids and waste products are effectively removed after only 10 minutes of bouncing

  • Easy training at home - With the bellicon® you can easily integrate movement exercises into your everyday life. You train at home whenever it suits you!

  • Fun guaranteed - No boring exercises, training on the bellicon® is fun! Feel the lightness of jumping for a healthy and active everyday life

Lipedema: Training on the trampoline
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Lipoedema is a chronic disease with a progressive course, affecting mostly women in phases of hormonal changes (puberty, pregnancy, menopause). In this case, a fat distribution disorder leads to local increases in subcutaneous fat tissue, which often results in a disproportion between the extremities and the trunk.

Quick and easy: set up the trampoline and start bouncing! The bellicon® mini trampoline brings a noticeable improvement to the overall well-being even with short and light movements.  With the mini trampoline you can easily integrate a regular workout into your everyday life. Even light bouncing is effective, it tightens the connective tissue and stimulates the natural movement of lymphatic vessels.

The steady up and down movement while bouncing activates all cells in your body. The resulting pressure effect on the cells measurably strengthens bone, muscle and connective tissue cells. The effect of this harmonic oscillation activates the metabolism, boosts fat burning and even trains the entire musculature.

Activation of the muscle pump - bellicon

The change of gravity when bouncing gently activates the muscle pump and stimulates the lymph flow.

The muscle activity that is mobilized when moving on the bellicon® mini trampoline, activates the pump of the muscles and increases the lymph flow. In addition to the lymph flow, the drainage of lymph fluid from peripheral vessels is also in particular promoted. Good lymph flow is particularly important in lipedema so that lymph congestion caused by water retention between the fat cells and the subcutaneous tissue can be avoided as much as possible. Such water retention can press on the surrounding tissue and cause pain.

There are >50 % of sufferers with a mixed form of lipoedema and obesity. Therefore, it is important to emphasise that everyone can use the bellicon® (with or without a support bar) and even people up to 200 kg can easily jump on a bellicon® mini trampoline without any problems.

If you use compression socks in everyday life, then wear them during your training as well. The compression helps the muscles, veins and lymphatic system to transport blood and lymph fluid.

Use the training on the bellicon® as a support and not as a replacement for the treatment of lipedema. Ask your treating physician for recommendations when exercising.

Training with the bellicon® is a real mood maker! The even rhythmic vibrations that affect the body during exercise create a feeling of lightness and freedom. This positive feeling is intensified by the release of happiness hormones and brightens up your mood. Regular training on the trampoline is therefore not only a lot of fun, but also increases your self-confidence in the long term and has a positive effect on your psyche. Try it out!

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Are you looking for the perfect workout to stimulate the lymph flow?

Then here you will find exactly what you are looking for! A daily dose of exercise will keep your lymph flowing. Even short training sessions are very effective. On our online training platform bellicon Home you will find a large selection of different training videos. From beginners to bellicon professionals.

1. Start with simple exercises and adjust the training intensity slowly and gradually.

2. Bouncing instead of jumping - keep your feet in contact with the mat for the time being. The moment of inertia can cause the tissue to shift uncomfortably against the body during high jumps.

3. In the beginning, repeat the exercises several times before moving on to the next one.

4. All dynamic exercises with a gentle bounce are optimal for you.

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Lipedema customer testimonial bellicon®

Kristine B.

"I have suffered from tired, heavy arms and legs since my late childhood/early youth, accompanied by heavy pain, sensitivity to pressure, and bruises. […] Now nine weeks have passed, […] I have lost almost 16 kilos. […]"

Lipedema expert testimonial bellicon®

Prof. Dr. Nele Devoogdt
Physiotherapist and coordinator of the lymphedema centre UZ Leuven

"While walking on the bellicon®, significantly fewer steps are needed to allow the lymph fluid to flow through the lymphatic collectors. In this study, lymph fluid flew on the bellicon® twice as fast as on the ground. ]"


Counteract water retention with the mini trampoline

Harmonic swing - bellicon®

Soft covering for an increased lymphatic flow?

Make sure to choose the softest possible bungee strength, based on your body weight. This is gentler on the joints and stimulates the lymphatic flow more than a bungee strength that is too hard. The bungee strength can be changed later at any time by purchasing new bungees

bellicon® with side handles

Grab handles for more security

The particularly solid handles support you with every movement when you train on the bellicon®. Thanks to the semicircular handrail, they always offer optimal help for secure, vertical getting on and getting off.

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Lipoedema is often accompanied by water retention, which primarily occurs in the legs. In combination with the increase in subcutaneous fatty tissue, this leads to feelings of heaviness and tension, which can also cause pain.

Possible causes of lipedema are very diverse and also controversial in science. A hereditary genetic predisposition is often suspected. It is assumed that almost every 10th woman is affected by lipoedema. However, the number of unreported cases is large, as lipoedema is often mistaken for obesity.

The disease is usually chronically progressive, for this reason there are 3 degrees of severity. The severity is defined on the basis of the visible skin surfaces and the palpation or pinch test. There is no correlation between the stage and the degree of discomfort; it is also possible that extreme pain may already occur in the 1st stage.

Stage 1: Skin surface mainly smooth, subcutaneous fat thickened and soft, without lumps

Stage 2: Skin surface may show unevenness, subcutaneous fat thickened, with small lumps

Stage 3: Skin surface very uneven, subcutaneous tissue thickened and hard, fat bulges under the skin. Restrictions in function, e.g. when walking

Stages lipedema - bellicon