'When bouncing on the bellicon® trampoline, the lymph fluid flows about twice as fast in comparison to walking.'

Prof. Dr. Nele Devoogdt, edema therapist

The bellicon® mini trampoline explained in 2 minutes


Do you have a slow or impaired lymphatic system? When your lymphatic system becomes sluggish, unhealthy or fails, you become vulnerable to a wide variety of illnesses and health problems, ranging from impaired immune responses and infections even to cancer. Another common complaint is lymphoedema, which is when arms or legs become swollen with lymph fluid that can’t drain properly.

The science behind the bellicon®

  • A good internal transport of lymph fluid is important
  • Because the lymphatic system does not have its own pump, moving is necessary
  • Soft bouncing on the bellicon® alone sets the lymphatic system in motion
  • Bouncing is two to three times more effective than walking

The lymphatic network of vessels and organs labours away, cleaning up after the rest of your biological systems. Thick, recycled body fluid called lymph collects bacteria, viruses and waste, filtering them as it moves through the lymph nodes. There, specialised cells called lymphocytes attack any harmful organisms.

The energising effects of a bellicon® workout on your lymphatic system helps flush toxins, bacteria and other waste from your body. You’ll be left feeling vital and cleansed from the inside out.


A study by Arthur C. Guyton and John E. Hall

“Pumping Caused by External Intermittent Compression of the Lymphatics. In addition to the pumping caused by intrinsic intermittent contraction of the lymph vessel walls, any external factor that intermittently compresses the lymph vessel also can cause pumping. In order of their importance, such factors like the contraction of surrounding skeletal muscles.

The lymphatic pump becomes very active during exercise, often increasing lymph flow 10- to 30 fold. Conversely, during periods of rest, lymph flow is sluggish, almost zero.”

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What experts say

Dr. Nele Devoogd KU Leuven


On the bellicon®, lymph fluids flows twice as fast

'While training on the bellicon®, much less movement is needed to let the lymph fluid flow through the body. A test has shown that the lymph fluids on the bellicon® flows about twice as fast in comparison to regular walking.'

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What customers say


'My legs feel less heavy'

'I'm now jumping for about 10 minutes for a week, once a day. I want to increase this to 2x 10 minutes a day. I have lymphedema in my legs, which means I wear elastic stockings and yet my legs still feel heavy. Since I've been jumping on the trampoline for a week now, I've noticed that my legs feel less heavily. I also have fybromyalgia and I notice  that I am already getting a bit more supple. I already feel a bit fitter and am very happy that I bought the bellicon, I'm going for it! It does so much for your body, that's why I recommend it to everyone, with or without limitation.'

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Dr. Liebell over bewegen op de bellicon en de effecten op het lymfesysteem

Dr. Liebell about rebounding on the bellicon and the lympatic system

We have twice as much lymph as blood – but no heart to pump it around. Instead, the lymphatic system depends on physical movement, gravity and muscular contraction. Thousands of years ago, the demands of hunting animals and foraging for food kept our ancestors active and their lymphatic systems healthy. Not so today. Now, we sit in cars, in front of computers and TV screens – and our lymph fluid sits, too.

Guyton and Hall’s Textbook of Medical Physiology drives the point home: “The lymphatic pump becomes very active during exercise, often increasing lymph flow 10 to 30 fold. Conversely, during periods of rest, lymph flow is sluggish, almost zero.”

Clearly, our bodies were made to be exercised. Without physical activity, we become vulnerable to illness and disease. Just a few minutes a day on a bellicon® will keep your juices – lymphatic and otherwise – flowing.

detoxify naturally with the bellicon®

The detox is the health cure de jour. In reality, your body does an excellent job of this on its own – it just needs you to play your part. That means making a habit of eating healthily as well as regularly getting moderate-intensity exercise and enough sleep. You’ll notice the difference in your physical health, well-being and immunity.

The exercise part of the equation is easily solved with a bellicon® mini trampoline. Rebounding gently and efficiently conditions not only your cardiovascular, muscular and skeletal systems but also your lymphatic and immune systems. The result is a body healthy enough to rid itself of toxins.

Unfortunately, the belief that you’re pouring out impurities in a sweat room is an old wives’ tale. Only about one percent of the toxins purged from your body leave via the skin as perspiration. In fact, excessive sweating can interfere with the cleansing process by robbing the body of too much fluid.

So save yourself the costs and side effects of pills and potions by detoxing nature’s tried-and-trusted way – with a bellicon® workout.

  Detox with a bellicon® mini trampoline


swollen foot

Say no to fluid retention

Water may be life – but you don’t want it to stagnate. This is what happens in lymphoedema. Fluids are retained, causing arms or legs to swell. While lymphoedema is inherited, it often occurs as a result of surgery, blockages in the lymph nodes or an inhibited lymphatic system. Bouncing on a bellicon® can be wonderfully beneficial if you suffer from lymphoedema. The gentle exercise helps pump trapped fluid back into the lymphatic and circulatory systems, reducing swelling and pressure. As an added bonus, you’ll be getting an excellent cardiovascular workout. Keeping fit and maintaining a healthy weight is important for lymphoedema sufferers. Studies have shown that these are factors in controlling the symptoms of lymphoedema and reducing the number of flare-ups. In fact, rebounding can even lower your risk of developing the condition in the first place.

moderate workout on mini trampoline

Gently does it

Remember, there’s no need to go overboard when exercising. You won’t enjoy it and you’re not doing your body any favours. Regular, moderate-intensity workouts are all you need to stay healthy and fit. And if you suffer from lymphoedema, it’s even more important to start by taking it easy. Begin with very gentle health bouncing on your bellicon®, letting gravity and our highly elastic bungees do the work for you. Build up your routines gradually, stopping if you experience pain or the swelling increases. It might also be necessary to wear compression garments or bandages while exercising.


Zeichnung einer Ärztin im weißen Kittel

Doctor's orders

If you suffer from lymphoedema, we advise you to ask your doctor before starting a new exercise programme. Considering that the causes, severity and treatment of lymphoedema can vary greatly from person to person, it’s best to find out what routine will benefit you most without aggravating your condition. Another important consideration is the use of compression garments while exercising. A knowledgeable professional should also be able to guide you in this regard.

the benefits of the BELLICON® MINI TRAMPOLINe

Regular training on the bellicon® mini trampoline has numerous positive effects on your entire body. Bouncing on this device not only effectively strengthens the cardiovascular system and all muscles, but also activates the metabolism of each cell. The moderate movement on the bellicon® also promotes the body's self-healing functions. This in turn has positive effects on some of our societal diseases.

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