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  • Say goodbye to initial pain: Have a lively and smooth start to the day with targeted training

  • More control: stabilise your joints with coordination training

  • Relief: efficient training without stress and pain on the joints

  • Strong joints: strengthen cartilage with the trampoline effectively

  • Always in motion: just 10 minutes a day is enough to promote muscle growth with fun and variety and to maintain mobility

Training on the bellicon minitrampoline
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Train without pain and experience the joy of an active everyday life

Progressive cartilage degradation in the knees or hips resulting in osteoarthritis can limit mobility and cause severe pain. The problem: Physical complaints often reduce the joy and frequency of movement, making everyday life more difficult and a mental burden. But it should actually be the other way round, because gentle movement supplies cartilage tissue with important nutrients from synovial fluid and keeps it supple and elastic. Regular exercise strengthens the muscles and stabilises the joints. bellicon® is at your side as a motivating training partner and supports you in breaking out of the vicious circle of pain with training options that are gentle on the joints.

Arthrosis: knee training with the bellicon®

Knee training to stabilise the joints

The highly elastic bungee technology of the bellicon® mini trampoline allows for gentle training to strengthen cartilage, build muscle and stabilise joints. Even a simple and short bounce on the trampoline can alleviate initial pain in the morning (e.g., in the case of gonarthrosis) and make the day easier to start with. The pressure and tensile loads that arise during training on the bellicon® nourish the cartilage and promote its development. The unstable jumping area trains coordination, increases sensitivity and strengthens the muscles surrounding the joints. In this way, the joints are optimally supported and excessive abrasion can be minimised or prevented. Why is bellicon® particularly suitable for osteoarthritis compared to other forms of movement (such as swimming or the use of other sporting equipment)? It allows training that is relevant to and suits everyday life and, at the same time, combines many positive training effects:

7 positive training effects:

  • Gentle training for cartilage and muscles

  • Targeted exercises for the ankle, knee, hip and spine

  • Training of movements similar to those in everyday life (walking, leg raising, balancing, etc.)

  • Promoting coordination through an elastic base

  • Stabilisation of joints

  • Maintaining and improving agility

  • Enjoying exercise without pain

Arthrosis: jogging gently

Avoid the wear and tear of joints due to the stress of everyday life

Osteoarthritis is the most common joint disease. It describes the progressive wear and tear of joints, which is caused by increasing wear and tear of the articular cartilage. If the cartilage's buffer function is no longer sufficiently guaranteed, the underlying bones are more heavily stressed. In advanced osteoarthritis, the joint bones rub against each other and debilitating pain and loss of mobility are the result. Even that initial pain when getting up in the morning often makes starting the day torture.

But what causes wear and tear on the articular cartilage?

Load-bearing joints such as knees and hips or the spine are most frequently affected. It is everyday stress that causes wear and tear on the joints. These "normal" signs of wear and tear with increasing age usually go unnoticed and are unproblematic. Only advanced degenerative changes in the joints can lead to symptoms and osteoarthritis. The risk of increasing wear and tear is often influenced by lifestyle: for example, being overweight , poor diet and lack of exercise can all lead to osteoarthritis. But regular high levels of sporting activity (e.g., top-class sport) may also contribute to wear and tear on the joints. Often neglected: in the muscles surrounding the joints, muscle imbalances, shortening and rigid fasciae can lead to misalignments, which can promote osteoarthritis.

Prevent arthrosis with the trampoline

Improve mobility with the bellicon® trampoline

Arthrosis: improve your mobility with the trampoline

Our joints carry us through everyday life, and we use our muscles around the clock. Shortening, tension, sticking and overstressing can impair the ability of our joints to roll and slide, and promote excessive joint wear. A healthy diet and regular exercise can influence the factors mentioned and prevent osteoarthritis.

Training on the bellicon® mini trampoline, which is gentle on the joints, and targeted stretching exercises keep muscles and cartilage fit, and the joints remain supple.


Arthrosis: Customer testimonial bellicon®


"What never seemed possible in my life 6 months ago has come true thanks to bellicon®. It was not that easy to find a sport that goes easy on the joints, one that you can adapt to your current state of health and that is also fun."

Arthrosis: Expert testimonial bellicon®

Andreas Sperber
Senior Physiotherapist

"Training on the bellicon® trampoline is so beneficial because the soft suspension means that the pressure load on the joints remains minimal, but the tension in the muscles ensures good joint stability."


Pain relief, new energy and vitality. After just a few weeks of training, personal progress can be seen through targeted exercises, e.g., for knees and hips and one can feel the joy of movement. bellicon is the ideal partner for (re)entry into sport and supports health-promoting training to improve your physical fitness. The elastic bouncing reaches all the muscles and improves balance, mobility and endurance.

stabilize your knee: training on the trampoline

Training tips for efficient training

Arthrosis: Stretching for more flexibility

Stretching for more flexibility

  • We recommend stretching stressed muscles after trampoline training.

  • Important muscle groups: front thigh muscles, calf muscles and hip flexors.

Arthrosis: Companion for safe training

Your training companion for more safety

  • Do you feel insecure on the elastic base? The bellicon® Plus or a support handle offer options to hold on during the exercises and to feel safe.

Getting off the bellicon® correctly

  • Gently step off the bellicon® backwards so as not to overburden your knees and joints after training. You can use stepping off directly as a knee exercise by trying to step off as slowly as possible. Repeat stepping off with the other leg.

Arthrosis: Muscle building with a trampoline

Muscle building with a trampoline and prostheses

  • Important: If in doubt, please discuss your personal health situation with your doctor or therapist!
  • In most cases, there is nothing wrong with targeted training using the bellicon® mini trampoline. It is important that you build up the training sessions slowly and start with gentle bouncing and simple stabilisation and balancing exercises.
Arthrosis: step by step training

Discomfort when starting training

  • If you start training on the bellicon® after a long period of rest, it is important that you build it up step by step. Short training sessions at the beginning, with mat contact and bouncing – without jumping.
  • With osteoarthritis, you may feel slight pain during training. This can be normal; however, if symptoms persist two hours after training, it is advisable to reduce the intensity or duration of the training.
  • Important: If you are insecure or if the pain/osteoarthritis/other complaints are too advanced, it is worth training under expert supervision or consulting your doctor beforehand!
Arthrosis: Stability training that is gentle on the joints

Stability training that is gentle on the joints

  • Thanks to the special bungee suspension, training on the bellicon® mini trampoline is gentle on your joints.
  • Start with bouncing exercises without leaving the jumping mat with your feet.
  • When you feel confident, position your legs one behind the other in a striding position. This is how you train your balance and the stability of your joints. Don't forget to train both sides (alternate front leg).
  • Exercises can be carried out longer to specifically strengthen the muscles surrounding the joints.


The effective training for strong joints

Keep your joints fit and prevent movement restrictions – train comfortably from home with our bellicon Home online training platform.

Training tips for healthy joints:

  • For optimal training, it is important that you train on the bellicon® using the correct posture. Normal axial alignment is very important: hip, knee and ankle should be in one line. Avoid knocking your knees or bowing your legs.

  • The softer the jumping mat or bungees, the more coordinatively demanding the exercises. The more your body has to balance itself, the more intensely the stabilising muscles around your joints have to work.


Get your blood circulation going with your ideal bellicon®

In order to prevent osteoarthritis and to keep cartilage and muscles fit, it is important that you exercise regularly. The preparation effort for training should, therefore, be as small as possible. Put your bellicon® in a special place at home so that you can get started right away. So, nothing stands in the way of a lively start to the day and short daily training sessions. We recommend using a bellicon® with a diameter of 112 cm and screw-in-legs. Choose the bungee strength that suits your body weight. For more security, you can order a support handle.

bellicon® Classic with side handle


More quality of life through exercise against osteoarthritis

It seems paradoxical that physical exercise, of all things, is one of the best therapies for treating pain while moving. But it's true: sports activities strengthen the muscles around the affected joints, thus providing additional support and relief for the damaged cartilage.

In this video portrait, the 72-year-old Swiss artist Beatrice Röthlisberger talks about her very personal experiences with the bellicon® mini trampoline – especially with regard to osteoarthritis, self-confidence, creativity and quality of life.

  • 72-year-old Bea has been training with the bellicon® for a year

  • She suffers from arthritis and osteoarthritis

  • After initial reservations, the more she uses the bellicon®, the more quality of life she gains

  • Moving on the bellicon® gives her new strength, vigour and lightness and helps her be more aware of her body and more self-confident