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  • Harmonious bouncing – it is particularly easy to relax and switch off on the mini trampoline

  • Happiness hormones – physical activity helps release endorphins and break down stress hormones

  • Mindfulness exercises – exercise within your own training area just for you and alone

  • Energy supplier – bouncing on the bellicon® activates the circulatory system and promotes energy management

  • Have fun in doing so – forget your stressful everyday routine and do a few relaxing, strengthening exercises on the bellicon® with fun and joy. This will get you going again and give you energy for the day

Reduce stress on the trampoline
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Do training to relax. One has to admit, it's sounds like a contradiction – especially when you've been on your feet all day. But it works. Only a few minutes on the bellicon® helps you leave the exertions of the day behind you and reduces stress. Muscles that are not often used are supplied again with blood, and overused muscles are loosened. It also stimulates the release of endorphins, which not only relieve pain, but also reduce stress. In short: focusing on yourself and getting active by doing sports clears your head and relieves you of inner tension much faster than you can imagine!

Relief of inner tension on the trampoline

Bouncing up and down allows the body to recover actively: the automatic tensing and relaxing of muscles promotes blood circulation and oxygen supply and increases your general wellbeing. The muscles are loosened, the joints get lubricated, stress is reduced gently without having to do anything else.

Regular bouncing also helps with sleep or digestive disorders and stimulates the lymphatic system so that toxins can be removed from the body.

When bouncing on the bellicon®, there's one effect that can't be avoided: relaxing the body and the mind spontaneously and instinctively. The following applies: the healthier the body, the less stress there is. By bouncing, you discharge yourself from normal movements in everyday life in a pleasant way, have fun and clear your head. You become calm and relaxed and are ready for the challenges of everyday life again.


Mindfulness exercises with the bellicon trampoline

Mindfulness means being aware of every single moment in life, giving our full attention to this person, this situation or this task. The depth and effectiveness of mindfulness means freedom from values. Our willingness to accept every thought, every feeling, every person and every situation exactly the way they are without wanting to change them or offering resistance, this unbiased attitude gives us the freedom to see how things really are and allows us to live our lives with less stress.

Reduce stress on the trampoline

Let's first take a look at the shape of our bellicon®: it's round – no beginning and no end

A limited space that is our space for the time we do training, into which no one else is allowed without getting permission. We consciously step onto the bellicon® and position ourselves in the middle of it. Light bouncing combined with inwardly directed mindfulness allows us to get close to ourselves. Thoughts and feelings come to rest, heaviness disappears and lightness and joy are felt.


Mindfulness: Training on the trampoline

Stress is not just a burdensome threat, but also a real one that sometimes leads to serious consequences. The consequences range from headaches, insomnia or weight gain to severe mental and physical problems such as strokes, heart attacks and other heart conditions. The fuller our schedule, the less time (and energy) we have to actively reduce stress. Fortunately, there are suitable anti-stress exercises – and of course your bellicon®.

Reducing stress on the trampoline: The brain

The brain

When we are under stress, our brain reacts to external influences and situations by releasing cortisol. If one is exposed to a great amount of stress for a long time, this can lead to problematic/threatening/negative changes in brain function.

bellicon®: training on the mini trampoline supports the brain's oxygen supply. In this way, you can take a step back and unwind from your circle of thoughts for a short moment through harmonious bouncing and relax again.

Reducing stress on the trampoline: The lungs

The lungs

If we are stressed, we breathe faster, our body wants to transport more oxygen and thus puts us in a fight or flight alarm mode and no longer comes to rest.

bellicon®: mindful training combined with deep breathing lets us breathe deeply and unwind so that we can calm down again.

Reducing stress on the trampoline: The endocrine system

The endocrine system

Under stress, our body signals to us to produce the two stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline. The liver reacts by increasing glucose production. Long-term stress, therefore, increases the likelihood of developing diabetes.

bellicon®: due to rhythmic bouncing when training on the bellicon®, we repeatedly experience moments of lightness. Moments in which our nervous system relaxes and we can become calm again so as to be centred again.

Reducing stress on the trampoline: The stomach

The stomach

"A tingling sensation in my stomach" or "my stomach feels heavy" are clear statements that you are exposed to permanent stressful situations. In addition, digestive problems such as heartburn, diarrhoea or constipation can occur.

bellicon®: when training on the bellicon®, our abdominal region is "massaged". Gentle bouncing balances and releases stress and tension in the abdominal region.

Reducing stress on the trampoline: The muscles

The muscles

When you are stressed, you get muscle cramps. This is a natural reflex that is there to prepare us for an (inner) "fight". Prolonged stress keeps the muscles tense resulting in tension and sore muscles. This often occurs in the neck and back area or can also be felt as a tension headache.

bellicon®: mindfully and consciously letting go when bouncing on the bellicon® lets our muscles breathe a sigh of relief and relax. Stress and tension are released, and we are centred again through the interplay of gentle movements and mindfulness.

Reducing stress on the trampoline: The heart and blood vessels

The heart and blood vessels

Sometimes you feel as if your heart suddenly wants to jump out of your chest – if this is the case, then we are certainly burdened by a stressful situation. Our brain orders the heart to pump more blood around the body. The release of stress hormones and the increase in blood pressure put a strain on the heart. These long periods of stress increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

bellicon®: the bellicon® exercises our cardiovascular system. Bouncing is fun and relieves strain and tension. Our oxygen supply is improved, the heart gets exercise and stress is reduced. You enjoy the moment in a natural way – similar to a child who is completely absorbed and happy in his element.


Relax, let go, rejuvenate – with bellicon

Relaxation made easy: treat yourself to a few minutes on the bellicon® every day and recharge your batteries for your life. It is worthwhile having a permanent spot for the mini trampoline next to you. With the bellicon in front of you, you can take advantage of the opportunity to quickly recharge your batteries during the day whenever you want.

It doesn't matter if you're a little out of shape: combating symptoms of stress and burnout doesn't require intense power training. Gentle bouncing – we call it "health bouncing" – is the best way to bring body and mind back into balance.

You can find the appropriate exercises on our bellicon Home video platform:

  • Allow yourself time for exercising; find your balance again, especially when you are really stressed

  • Notice how you felt before exercising and compare this to how you felt after exercising. You will find that you are physically and mentally more balanced

  • Concentrate on breathing, because with the right technique, stress can be reduced in a targeted manner


Start your day with less stress and with the right mini trampoline

bellicon® Premium

Are you looking for the perfect training device for your daily workout? We recommend the 125 cm bellicon® Premium with screw-in-legs. The bright stainless steel frame impresses with a high-quality look and fits perfectly into any living room. Thanks to its large diameter, you will find enough space on the trampoline for comprehensive training to counter stress. Optionally, the comfort mat offers you additional space for relaxation exercises while lying down and the transition to the bungees is comfortably padded.