Clinical Trial Shows That Bouncing Stops Bone Loss

Dr. Joachim H. Schulz 28.03.2014

A clinical trial was conducted by Dr. Joachim H. Schulz that focused on rebounding and it's benefits in the fight of preventing bone loss.

Dr Schulz is a specialist in general medicine with additional training and expertise in naturopathy, diabetology and clinical nutrition. He also has long-term clinical experience in surgery, cardiology, allergy and naturopathy and is Vice President of the Medical Society of Preventive Medicine and Naturopathic Therapies - Kneipp Medical Association.

Here is an excerpt of his findings:

"Bouncing on a highly flexible trampoline affects our whole body. Everything is trained. Whilst descending, our muscles, sinews, ligaments and bones are slightly pressed together by the force of gravity, and then relaxed again whilst swinging upwards. So by bouncing on the trampoline, all the cells in our organism are effectively trained.

Following a study with osteoporosis patients, we were able to clearly prove that bone loss was stopped by bouncing on a bellicon mini trampoline. Coordination and reflexes were definitely improved, which also prevents breakages, and by swinging on the trampoline the bone density levels remained stable."

If you’d like to learn more about Dr. Schulz and his study, you can read it here. Keep in mind, the study is written in German, so simply open Google Translate!

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