Dovepress Journal 01.04.2019

The Dove Press Journal Clinical Interventions in Aging published a study examining the beneficial effects of targeted mini trampoline exercises on osteoporosis patients. Over a period of 12 weeks, the parameters balance, strength, mobility, gait and fear of falling were examined and evaluated with osteoporosis patients. For this, they exercised on a mini trampoline.

We all are affected by the ageing process, which is characterised by a loss of muscle mass, balance and impaired motor control. The study examined whether regular exercise could have a positive effect on the symptoms of osteoporosis and those suffering from it.

The 40 subjects between 56 and 83 years of age were divided into two groups. One control group performed the usual osteopenia therapy with no trampolining exercises. The other group trained twice a week on a mini trampoline with handles for 45 to 60 minutes over a period of 12 weeks under the guidance of an experienced trainer. During the study, 6 different parameters were observed with the following exercises:

  • Balancing exercises (e.g., running on the spot, standing on one leg, etc.)
  • Power training to strengthen the upper and lower limbs and trunk (e.g., squats, flexing and extending the arms, etc.)
  • Jumping exercises to reduce the risk of injury (e.g., different jumping techniques)

The results of the study clearly demonstrated that targeted training with a combination of balancing, power and jumping exercises on a mini trampoline can prevent the symptoms of osteoporosis. The subjects' fear of falling also diminished, they felt safer in everyday life and had more control over their movements compared to the control group.

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