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bellicon USA 03.04.2015

If you're at all familiar with the bellicon mini trampoline, you are already well aware of the health and fitness benefits that you can gain from regular exercise on the device. Yes, you might say that the bellicon is for everyone and anyone. It can be used to tone muscles, control weight, detoxify, de-stress, recharge or even to treat medical conditions like osteoarthritis.

It's perfect for both women and men, children and senior citizens. But what you might not know about the bellicon is that professional athletes and fitness celebrities are also beginning to incorporate it into their training and champion its use. Here's a look at how NBA basketball star Joakim Noah, boxer Darren Barker and celebrity fitness/lifestyle consultant Ashley Borden use the bellicon:

Joakim Noah: Professional Basketball Player

Joakim Noah has achieved success at every level of basketball he has played. He was the No. 19 power forward in the nation coming out of high school in 2004 and proceeded to win back-to-back NCAA National Championships in 2006 and 2007 while playing college basketball for the University of Florida. He was drafted with the 9th overall pick in the 2007 NBA Draft by the Chicago Bulls and has played for the franchise since, having won the league's Defensive Player of the Year Award in 2014 and having been named an NBA All-Star on two occasions. Noah knows a thing or two about how to play good basketball. And it goes without saying that professional sports these days have really turned their attention to good fitness and nutrition as a means of helping players to reach their true potential at their game. So with all that being said, how does the 6-foot-11, 230-pound center train. One of the ways is with use of the bellicon for training while he's in his living room.

That's right, even the world's top professional athletes realize the fitness power of the bellicon. But Noah also brings to light another benefit of the mini trampoline - its versatility. Unlike other fitness equipment, the bellicon is lightweight, versatile and has a small footprint, meaning that it's able to be positioned just about anywhere for training purposes. It also operates quietly, so working out on it certainly won't drown out the TV volume if he chooses to multi-task.

What's more is that if there was any doubt about the bellicon's sturdiness, any fears should be immediately calmed by seeing Noah, a near 7-foot, 230-plus pound man, working out on it just fine. It's no joke when bellicon says that it's engineered and built with uncompromising strength and durability.

Darren Barker: Boxer

Although Darren Barker is now retired from boxing, the English middleweight boxer used the bellicon for a variety of different purposes - for cardio, flexibility, muscle contraction and relaxation. You could say that it helped turn Barker into the lean, mean fighting machine that captured British and English middleweight titles, as well as the Commonwealth title, during his 28-fight boxing career (not to mention his amateur career). Speaking of those 28 fights during Barker's professional career, it's worth noting that he won 26 of them - and won 16 of them by TKO. Certainly Barker was someone who had his training regime figured out, and the results in the ring followed.

Barker retired form boxing in December of 2013, what he says was due to a nagging hip injury that he'd had surgery on years prior. But while he's currently inactive when it comes to boxing, Barker isn't closing any doors on his future. Certainly if he decides to attempt a comeback in boxing, you can bet that the bellicon will be a big part of him getting back in shape.

Ashley Borden: Fitness/Lifestyle Consultant

It's no surprise that celebrity fitness and lifestyle consultant Ashley Borden has come to realize the effects of the bellicon. Borden herself admits to having always been interested in utilizing rebounders for their bevy of health and fitness benefits. However, as she attests, not all rebounders are made equal. Poorly constructed ones dip way down in the middle of the mini trampoline, actually doing more harm than good. The bellicon, however, is quality built so it refrains from dipping in the middle and stays firm throughout - no matter what type of build you are.

Borden uses the bellicon herself. She also uses it with her clients. Specifically, she uses it with clients that come to her looking to get in shape, but she also works with cancer survivors and said that she's found the mini trampoline, and its rebounding aspects, to be crucial in keeping the lymphedema away. For herself personally, Borden admits that it has not only helped to keep her weight down, but that it also helps with digestion and in battling depression. And that's coming from a woman who knows a thing or two about what makes for good fitness - she's only made a successful career out of it.

As you can see, the bellicon isn't just a device for your average man who's looking to get in better shape or for your average woman who's looking to tone up in advance of beach season - it's a device that's also used by some of the world's best athletes and fitness personalities, from Joakim Noah to Ashley Borden. For more information on the bellicon and its benefits, contact us today. Learn more about the amazing health and fitness benefits of the bellicon, as well as what the bellicon is all about!

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