Mini trampolines, the go-to fitness tool for people seeking a joint-friendly cardio bounce

bellicon USA 16.06.2014


Everyone is talking about the joint-friendly bounce that rebounding and mini trampolines can offer your work out.  

But did you know that rebounding isn't only limited to bouncing?  Your rebounder can add a much needed revamp to your push-up, lunge and plank routine!

Our very own John Hines of bellicon USA sat down with Reuters to discuss how having a rebounder in your living room can give you a non-impact workout at any age right in your own home.  The bellicon rivals high intensity workouts that puts stress on your joints, makes your muscles sore, and puts wear and tear on your body from the hard ground.

You can read more from John and Deborah Horton of Crunch Fitness in New York in this Reuters feature on rebounding and the bellicon.

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