Stressing the Childhood Obesity Issue

bellicon USA 03.02.2015

Childhood obesity is one of the leading health concerns in the United States. While many experts suggest regular exercise, the reality is that kids want to have fun, and traditional exercises like running, sit ups, and weight training don't fit the bill.

As a parent, how can you encourage your kids to live a healthy lifestyle? Meet the bellicon, the champion among mini trampolines. Jumping on the bellicon is a fun way to burn energy without the wear and tear of running or the repetitiveness of weight bearing exercises. Kids love bouncing up and down on the bellicon's durable polypropylene mat, designed for superb comfort and elasticity. Parents are often concerned about the safety of trampolines, and there are indeed many reports of trampolines breaking due to low quality materials or poor manufacturing. Unlike other trampolines, the bellicon is designed through quality German engineering using supremely tough yet light materials.

Here's how the bellicon formula maximizes safety:

The Base: High grade, high gauge steel formed through precise welding easily supports users weighing up to 440 lbs.

The Mat: Elastic polypropylene maximizes bouncing comfort and resists rain and searing UV rays, making the bellicon ideal for outdoor summer use.

The Hooks: Ultra sturdy, non toxic mat hooks protect the bellicon from wear and tear, making it a fun way to exercise for years to come.

Countless quality assurance testers, professional athletes, fitness trainers, physicians, and health organizations all promote the bellicon for fun, low impact exercise ideal for kids and their families.

Skip the grueling exercise regimens and watch your kids stay fit with smiles on their faces. And bellicon isn't just safe for people, it's safe for the environment. In fact, it's earned the EcoTex Seal of Quality, a distinction awarded only to companies who meet select standards for green manufacturing, safety assurance, and social responsibility. Years of research and development have lead to the unmatched production method used in the bellicon textiles. The EcoTex conglomerate of safety minded organizations continues to strive to improve production quality using the most reliable materials while keeping families educated.

Learn more about the health benefits for kids!

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