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Would recommend to everyone
Siyoung Lee 23.05.2022
This rebounder has changed my life. I have enjoyed jogging on my bellicon. It’s fun, aerobic and health boosting. Feel fabulous after a bounce. Plenty of videos on YouTube. Have trouble with my knees, but it has strengthened them and not given me a issues with them. Would recommend to everyone.

For 5’ 3”, 39” is good enough but 39” models doesn’t have T-bar so I got 44”. T-bar ...
Jamie 29.03.2022
I did not understand what the big deal was about this rebounder until I caved and bought one. It is worth its money times 20. As soon as I stepped on it I felt like I was on a cloud. I have knee problems and it didn't bother that at all. Great workout as well! ...
Best Rebounder hands down
Tracey Starr 06.03.2022
Wish I had known about Bellicon 12 years ago before I filled an entire landfill full of crappy made rebounders. Don’t waste your money, make the right choice the first time and just buy the bellicon. I use mine almost everyday and sometimes twice a day. Absolutely love rebounding and the bellicon is built to last unlike the other cheaply made Chinese junk. Thank You bellicon for building a ...
Doing your own thing workout
Keith Spanswick 08.03.2022
I moved to a Bellicon after using a spring suspension mini trampoline for a few months. The difference was remarkable due I think to the progressive rather than abrupt force on mat direction change.

I am not inclined to follow regimented instructions so do my “thing” to music; in my case jazz. I key into the instruments and adjust what I do on the Bellicon accordingly, it is such fun one ...
I am in my seventies using the Bellicon
Darlene Fultz 12.02.2022
I love my Bellicon, although at my age, I am still working at increasing my time and workouts on it, but I know I am increasing my health and strength for what ever time I spend on it. I would like Bellicon to make a jump meter so I can see how many jumps I have done. ...
Bellicon Plus 49 inch
Tracy Martens 29.04.2021
I love my Bellicon, I had a cheap bungee rebounder for a month before I bought my Bellicon and the difference is like night and day. Bellicon is high quality very well made the bounce is soft yet the mat firm enough to do high intensity workouts. My Bellicon is worth every penny, I’ll never regret spending the money on quality. The customer service is awesome, friendly and knowledgeable. I ...
W.H. 21.01.2015
After a "lumbago" more than 5 years ago, on my doctor's advice, we started bouncing on a trampoline. He told me how to use it to train the smallest muscles directly on the spine. Initial purchase: a €50 trampoline at the supermarket. Then I bought a Trimilin in a sports shop, which was not bad, but still too hard in retrospect. When visiting relatives in Germany, we tried their bellicon® and WOW – what an effect. We felt a huge difference. We immediately sold the Trimilin and bought a bellicon®.
Isabelle Stadel 19.02.2021
Being diagnosed with osteopenia at 38, a preliminary stage towards osteoporosis, is not exactly what you want to hear. After extensive research, one thing became clear to me: regular exercise nourishes the bones. So I looked for a way of exercising every day that was also fun. Swimming and walking were just "good things to do" and wouldn't help keep my bones stable. Then I came across the company bellicon through the Deutsche Naturheilbund e. V. (German Natural Healing Association) and was able to get to know the training device. Enthusiastic about the possibility of being able to assemble it myself, I configured and ordered my bellicon®.
S. W. 05.02.2021
What never seemed possible in my life 6 months ago has come true thanks to bellicon®. It was not that easy to find a sport that goes easy on the joints, one that you can adapt to your current state of health and that is also fun.
A new attitude to life
Kristine B. 22.06.2017
I have suffered from tired, heavy arms and legs since my late childhood/early youth, accompanied by heavy pain, sensitivity to pressure, and bruises. (...) Now nine weeks have passed, and I am a completely different person. I have lost almost 16 kilos.