SUCH a wonderful, soft and springy bounce!

Barbara L. 04.08.2014

Dear Bellicon, I just received my Bellicon 49-inch trampoline and I love it! I had previously purchased two other mini-trampolines (a Needak and a generic brand) which I bought for the health benefits of rebounding, especially improving my immune system. However, I could never use these rebounders for very long because the metal springs supporting the mat were jarring and hurt on my ankles and feet when I jumped up and down on the mat. I had quite badly sprained my ankles several times in the past and am always careful to prevent re-spraining them again. Also I always wear orthotics to redistribute my weight from putting undue pressure on my big toe joints which have some degeneration from previous gout. I always had to wear tennis shoes when jumping on the previous rebounders to protect my ankles and toe joints from the jolts. But with the Bellicon it is ENTIRELY different and SUCH a wonderful, soft and springy bounce! Because of the bungee cords, there is no jarring AT ALL and much less stress on my ankles and feet at the bottom of the bounce when my feet touch the mat before bouncing in the air again. Unlike the other rebounders I can jump BAREFOOT on my Bellicon with no pain or discomfort at all. It is such fun! And I feel my feet and ankles will strengthen over time which will be a huge benefit. Thank you for making such a wonderful product. I would definitely recommend it.

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