Cleanse your Lymph System of Toxins

Anonymous 05.12.2017

In October 2015 I went into FL hospital for a fairly routine procedure. During my recovery process they noticed that while I could remember my room number, I wasn’t able to find my room as I roamed around pushing my little IV holder... Nurse asked my wife she’d noticed anything strange or different at all about my behavior and, come to think of it, she said yes. That led to a totally unexpected scan of my brain, immediate brain surgery to remove cancerous lesions they found there, and the announcement that I had a very rare, aggressive kind of brain cancer (primary central nervous system lymphoma) The cancer was so rare these doctors couldn’t tell me much at all about how severe it was. That let my three beloved (now adult) kids to do their own research and they discovered that it said I might be at the point that I might only have 3 months left. I am honestly unable to convey to anyone who has not been through something like this the utter shock, terror, confusion and sense of being on your own that you are in here...

Well, they insisted that I go through chemo immediately. And when all the guys in white coats are telling you this, you simply have no logical choice to disagree, so I went through 5 weeks of terrible chemo. Later, they directed us to go to Seattle to get stem cell transplants, which were designed to prevent a return of the cancer. But while we were there, but before starting the procedures (which are like chemo on steroids), we got an email from a friend in China, who had just had cancer herself and who feels her life was saved by a video series with content unlike anything we know of or hear about from the US medial community. About three videos into the nine video series we turned to each other up there in Seattle and both said to each other “we’re going home!” . So we did. Skipped all the procedures. One of the things in the video series was the great, great value of using trampoline to cleanse your lymph system of toxins. And that is where Bellicon came in. I bought it after several tramps had their springs gave out and I have been in love with my Bellicon ever since. I bounce literally every day! I know it is helping. For anyone reading this I will list the other things we discovered below, dealing with cancer. But that is why I love my Bellcon and rely on it so much. It is part of what is keeping me alive. My cancer is expected to return to survivors within 2 years. I am coming up on the 2 year mark in January: Yea!!!!

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