My Second bellicon!

Deborah 15.12.2015

A little over a year ago I purchased my first bellicon - a 49" Classic. I loved it but because of physical limitations I had to start really slowly, even wondering if I should actually keep it. I had to start with as little as a minute per day. I was quite excited to finally get up to a whopping four minutes! Not long after I got my first bellicon I decided to move in to an RV full-time so I could go out and see the country. I even made sure there'd be room enough for my bellicon on board. Just one issue - I forgot to account for the lack of vertical space! In other words, there wasn't enough room to actually get on it without bumping my head! So I ended up leaving my bellicon in storage.

Even with the fact that I never got past five minutes on the bellicon I had already found great benefits. The circulation in my legs improved and pain in my knees quickly disappeared. Plus it was actually fun, a whole lot of fun! Leaving it behind was not an easy decision.

Now, nearly a year since I originally moved into the RV, I found myself getting a bigger RV, one that alsohad more ceiling height. My legs and particularly my knees were hurting from having moved everything from one RV to the other and I found myself thinking about getting another bellicon, a smaller one that would fit more easily into the RV. Along came the Black Friday sale and I ended up purchasing one. This time I got a 39" Classic.

First let me address what it is like to bellicon on an RV. Because of its superb construction, and specifically the bungee cords, I can move about on my bellicon without the whole RV jumping along with me! Now this is quite impressive when you realize that my 10 pound dog jumping off of the couch makes the RV bounce. Getting a treadmill or an elliptical trainer isn't possible for one living in an RV full-time. But jumping on the bellicon is perfect! I bought mine with folding legs which makes set up and take down so much easier.

In less than two weeks I'm already up to nine minutes a day and loving it! I am 64 years old with knee and back issues so the smoothness of the bellicon is quite important to me.

I cannot say enough positive things about the bellicon. Some may have issue with the expense but the old adage is so true - you get what you pay for! Over twenty years ago I had my first rebounder, one of the ones with springs. As an older person I knew the spring type rebounder would be out of the question for me since it would be far too hard and would jar my back. The bellicon is more like jumping on a pillow while being supported, if that makes any sense. Anyway, thank you bellicon! I'm so happy with my purchase.

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