"Spring to my step"

Edna 31.10.2014

Health and fitness are important to me, but there have only been two kinds of exercise I have ever really enjoyed: swimming and rebounding. I had to give up swimming several years ago because of a medical condition. Before that, I had to give (metal-spring) rebounding because of a downstairs neighbor (who couldn't stand all the squeaking). Without swimming or rebounding as options, I wasted thousands of dollars on gym equipment and memberships I never used and thousands of hours on mental schemes to motivate myself to exercise outside that never worked.

A few months ago, I learned about the bungee-cord trampoline and regained hope that I could actually WANT to exercise again, after so many years of being sedentary. I read/listened to lots of reviews about the various kinds and brands of rebounders and decided to buy a Bellicon.

Well, I couldn't be happier. The Bellicon truly is everything that people say about it: beautifully-crafted, remarkably quiet, a challenging cardio/strength/balance/flexibility workout, and unbelievably fun! I love that I can use it at home, at any time, and for any length of time. It really seems more like play than work., even when I'm pushing myself as hard as I can.

Every time I find myself regretting that I didn't find the Bellicon sooner, I remind myself that the health, fitness, and happiness benefits it gives me now will add high-quality years to my life. That also means I'll be expressing my gratitude to Bellicon far into the future.

Thank you, Bellicon!

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