Everyone should own a bellicon

Angie Davidson on Facebook 21.12.2017

Everyone should own a bellicon. Even if you're not an exercise fan this is really fun, it takes little time and you can even do it infront of the tv so there's no excuse! I have osteoarthritis in my knees and the pain has really improved since using my bellicon (now little or no pain at all which is amazing) and this was surprisingly almost immediate. It's a perfect way to exercise for everyone - no matter what age they are

My shape has changed - particularly my legs/butt/stomach which all toned up. My core is also much better, I am very stable now which has to be of great benefit as I age. Bellicon does exactly what it promises - improvement all round in general health and fitness.

I'd highly recommend the bellicon video channel too as there are lots of video's and they're constantly posting new ones so I never get bored. It also shows you that it's not just a matter of bouncing up and down there's loads of moves and toning exercises for every area of the body.

If you're concerned about the cost don't be. It is an investment, but the difference between a bellicon and other rebounders is immense (I tried a cheaper one and that was a mistake), it's very quiet and there's no jolting at all. Also the customer service is superb, if you have a problem with your bellicon they solve it immediately and with no fuss, so it's a risk free purchase as you always have back up from the company.

I had a small medical procedure this year and was told no exercise for 2 weeks, I nearly cried when I had to fold my bellicon away, happy to be back bouncing now though!

I absolutely love my bellicon, I tell anyone who will listen how fantastic it is, I even nagged my friend to get one!

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