Great quality, love the colors!

Laurie 17.04.2014

I am enjoying my Bellicon. I admit I was hesitant to order it. (Yes, the price.) After vacillating for more than a week, and after very intensive market research, I decided that Bellicon was the rebounder that I really did want. The most important attribute was the bungee cords. I love the quality. I also fell for the colors. I bought a pink and orange combo, and it reminds me of a flower. I have it in my living area, and jump almost every day. Music helps to keep me on the mini-tramp longer. I put on something I would like to dance to, and it makes bouncing more fun. Weight is coming off, but a bit more slowly than I had hoped. I have not really changed my eating habits, just moving my body more regularly. For now I mostly just jump and dance around and make sure to move my arms a lot in aerobic ways, but there are tons of workouts for rebounders on youtube. I noted that most of them are on Bellicons, and that swayed me toward the brand, too. I bought the 49 inch and am so glad I didn’t get the smaller one. I also got the folding legs. They have been convenient, but seem to make this rebounder a little bit louder. My husband had to turn the TV louder when I brought it into the TV room one night. Overall, I am very pleased with my Bellicon.

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