Happy Mom 12.12.2014

Have had the "other" trampolines... the ones claiming to be "air"... SO NOT! :(

What a huge difference!!! An AMAZING person at bellicon called me back after leaving a message and helped me choose the best one for my very sick son (just diagnosed with a very rare form of stomach inflammation). The idea was to have the draining of the lymph nodes and maybe more if he could. We got the 49" one and so recommend it!

My son (17, and due to his condition, has teachers in our home every day because he is too weak to attend his last year of high school), within a month and a half is on it almost every day for 15-20 mins and has gone out to meet friends 2 weeks ago! I do think it is helping him get stronger!!! He is on a strict gluten and dairy free diet that I am sure is working it's magic too.

This great trampoline is my dancing/jumping ground in late evenings. As i said; we really do LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

Don't think twice and do get yours!!! Thank you!!!

Tags: health, jumping
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