Just buy it!

Dot Hamilton 10.06.2020

When I was very much younger I did trampolining at school (I was crazy about the teacher 😊 ) and have always retained a love if it (and him ❤️😂). I am not a natural exerciser, I can be really lazy but the Bellicon rebounder is a game changer for me, exercise that is fun, what a concept? I now have a few health conditions one of which is bronchial and the daily bouncing keeps my chest clear and so my condition has remained very mild as a result. I have arthritis in my knee and I wear a magnetic binding and the low impact action of bouncing causes me no pain at all. I also get heart spasms and my cardiologist is very happy for me to strengthen my heart with bouncing. I could not stay as well as I do, if not for this amazing piece of kit. The bouncer is of the highest quality, I know this because I purchased a couple of much cheaper ones before my Bellicon investment, as it seemed like a very big outlay but I can tell you from my heart it is the best money I have ever spent, it truly is an investment in your long term health...do a search for info. I am a great believer in ‘you get what you pay for’ and never more so than with this product. I, as a very happy customer, can also give reassurance that the after care is awesome, if you do have any little issues they will be dealt with in a respectful and expedient manner and anything wrong will be put right. It is lovely to deal with a company who values its reputation as much as I value my health so it is a meeting of minds. I believe every home should have one and the whole family of all ages and fitness levels can benefit. I was so impressed with my first purchase from Bellicon of the small bouncer that I bought the carry bag and it goes to France on holiday with me and anywhere else I go. I then went on to make a second purchase of the big one which I use in my home or outside if it’s nice. I am 64 years old and I will be doing this every day for as long as I am able...probably only about another 36 years 🤔😂👍
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