Great fun

Laura Keener 05.04.2013

I can't say enough about my Bellicon rebounder. When doing the research, I knew this was the rebounder I had to have. The hardest part was deciding color pattern and leg type. (I chose orange and black and fold up legs). I opted for the medium size which was a good choice because it gives me enough room to do side to side movements which allows me to change up my foot positioning and bouncing angle to add some fun variability. Before purchasing my Bellicon, I really didn't know much of what I could do on it; I only knew that it looked like a blast and that's exactly what it has proven to be. After watching the included exercise video a few times, I was equipped with several basic moves that I could do on my own while watching my favorite shows or just "dancing" my way through some upbeat music. The best part the feeling I get after rebounding at night while watching some TV. Instead of laying on the couch feeling lazy, I feel energized but worn out enough to allow for a great night's sleep. Lately I've been incorporating more resistance training into my exercise by pumping 3-5lb dumb bells through bicep curls (front, side, hammer head), shoulder presses, side arm raises, or just back and forth in a running position. This single addition has allowed my to recruit even more of my core muscles as they are forced to stabilize my body against the weight of the dumb bells. In the end, I know that the Bellicon will last a lifetime. It's been great fun and exercise for me (and my one and four year old...supervised of course). What's not to like about a workout that makes you feel like a kid again. The best part is that there's no preparation no bundling up, no hauling to the gym. Just get on an jump like nobody's watching!

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