Bouncing despite a damaged meniscus

Luise Iwan-Dettmar from German magazine "Vital" 30.01.2016

"I wouldn’t have classified bouncing on a jumping mat as the best sport for spinal disc patients. Now I’m reading on the internet that there is a rebounder that is supposed to be extremely gentle on the back – chosen by the “society for healthier backs” (AGR), a specialist committee. The device of my choice is called bellicon®, has a diameter of 112 cm and fits in my bedroom. I have a tendency for knee problems and therefore started carefully, only a few minutes to wake up.

The most important thing to know, and the reason even patients with arthritis can do the exercises, is...don’t jump, just swing! A friendly physiotherapist can show you how.

Despite a slow start and professional tips, I was convinced that my knee would start playing up as it always did after dancing or walking. But, it didn’t happen! It was as if my meniscus wasn’t damaged at all. This is because the bellicon® is incredibly flexible. The mat is sprung with highly elasticised rope rings; I sink into it deeply and am thus slowed down gently.
Even for the over 50’s who have circulation problems or who are overweight, the bellicon® is harmless. Bad devices on the contrary are sprung really hard, so the brake path is also shorter and one has to endure high impact levels to the joints and discs, as when jogging.

Conclusion: The bellicon® rebounder is suitable for all age groups, even when there is restricted movement."

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