It has been the best present!

Marcia Mayper 31.03.2015

Hello, I bought my Bellicon two years ago - it was my birthday present to myself.

It has been the best present! I love it and use mostly with Faythe's videos. I just want to thank you as you gave me a discount for my birthday. I am turning 69 this year and intend to keep on rebounding with joy!

I have taken it to my weight watchers meeting and several of ladies tried and really liked it....then recently I gave a demonstration at the culmination of my Positive Psychology course at Kripalu - a yoga retreat center in Lenox MA. So I will keep on talking and showing it up! Without our health and well being life is tough.....

I would love to get it to my school and have some of the students get involved with some fun exercise....I am working on that....especially in the northeast.

Lots of thought and wanted to share my experiences with you and most of all thank YOU!


Tags: health, seniors
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