Jumping for joy!

Maureen 22.11.2011

I am not surprised to read that Bob Hope kept his rebounder at the foot of his bed. I've given mine prominent placement so I can jump at whim and start each day with a hefty dose of endorphins. I bought my bellicon to strengthen my bones, but it's strengthening so much more. I'm very impressed by the wide range of health benefits it provides, especially for the immune system, and by the clinical trials conducted in Germany. I'm also very glad I got the 44" instead of the smaller one, as the extra room gives me a measure of confidence. It's so much fun to bounce to music. I feel stronger and more youthful every day. I'm really glad I got a happy color -- hot pink -- because that's how it makes me feel. I'll be reporting back on the improvement in my bone density scan in a few months. Thanks, bellicon.

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