Lose Inches While Gain Muscle

Michael Bullock 23.03.2014

This is a serious piece of equipment that needs to be in the home gym of tevery no-nonsense multitasker demanding major results in a multitude of areas simultaneously. I’ve spent thousands on cardio equipment that I still own, and this hands down is the best thing I’ve ever had the pleasure to experience. This is going to be a detailed (and probably lengthy review) so for those who just want the short version…

“The bellicon 49 inch (with black mat) in the coolest looking, strongest framed, most exciting, fun personal exercising platform known to man (my money’s on anyway). It took me months to be able to buy it. And with all the other things I clearly denied myself for this one solitary purchase I can honestly say ‘I’m so proud of myself for the intelligent decision’. Get one and your entire body, from your heart to the skin on and muscles in your face will thank you for a lifetime. bellicon = easily worth double.”

Now for the detailed. This thing gets here to SoCal from Chi-town in two days. I can’t believe it’s here so fast, so I rip open the box to start on the 20 minutes or so I think it’s going to be to get all the bands and legs on, but what’s this… their all on and ready to go as soon as I screw in 6 legs that I start to tread with two hands and then screw in two at a time. This takes literally about a minute to do the six. I get bare footed and step on it ~ LOVE AT FIRST FEEL-2-HEEL. It’s my fifth trampoline, 5X better than any other, and definitely the last rebounder brand to ever see my gym floor again.

The first part of you to fall head over heels will be your child like emotions you didn’t even know you still had. [No coherent human being can bounce on one of these for ten seconds and not be grinning from ear to ear, from the felon double-lifer to Gramps, the grumpy anal senior. NO ONE! It’s just too cool and your body isn’t prepared for such sensations.] Immediately after that your joints will get goo-goo eyed. Its like exercising in chocolate pudding with silk draws on… that’s how smooth this thing is.

It’s after your initial lust of the thing has time to digest though that you’ll really realize its super powers. This will likely come after a good few work out are under your belt sense your body needs time to adapt to the rapid gravity changes. But once your stabilizer muscles, equilibrium, brain, core, stamina etc. has had a chance to get familiar with the new and improved way to work your whole body at once it is truly amazing.

In my opinion you shouldn’t think of this as a trampoline though, because trampolines are just for jumping. If you’re anything like me then you probably want to tighten up your whole body while getting chiseled in the process. I rarely actually jump on my bellicon (except when I’m super tired and need a quick breather) because I find just hopping or shifting from side to side (one leg to the other) is much harder on the body when done with intensity and completely can engage all the areas of interest for the perfect one-stop-chop type joint (exercise).

It’s because of this that I (being about 270 lbs.) went with the 301-440 lbs bungees. Before I gained weight from the past few years of inactivity I use to run hard for 60 minutes daily on my Precor EFX544. So my stamina came back quick. >From the other wack-a%& junk rebounders (that except for one all broke in the first thirty days) I had begun to come up with this exercise I figured was ideal to engage the entire body for optimal results. But it was only with my Baby Bell the I could truly do it with all the free weights I wanted.

Before explaining how to perform the exercise though itself, here’s two tricks I found to be really helpful, [one for technique and one for burn & build]. First, to get the right angle of attack I suggest cupping your butt cheeks… really. This makes you shift your weight backward slightly which really engages your abs. All feeling your butt lets you see how firm it’s flexed and how hard it being worked. And sense your just bobbing left to right to left to right, your abs’ stay engaged the WHOLE TIME, unlike jumping which gives you major rest time in between mat contacts.

Second is to get some small barbells (for the guys) or some soft weights for the girls and start curling with every hop. Note: this is after you’ve slowly worked your way up to this level of strength training, or you can really hurt yourself. I with mostly just 3 lbs. weights got my arms felling like rocks in under a month. Women can use 1 lb, and either way, you’ll still have to put them down every couple of minutes of fast-flex-burning curls. With the continual stresses being put on your arms, and the rapid speed of the succession of reps being curled to keep up with each of your feet bobbing left to right, it actually natural to get your chest fully engaged as well. And I mean engaged to the point where your chest muscles feel like they want to bulge out your shirt after a few minutes. This coupled with your butt cheeks being flexed (which you immediately feel happening when you first cup them leaning slightly backward), your core being completely engaged and your obleeks being worked as hard as you can stand depending on and how far to your side and high you raise your leg.

I do this for an hour with my music blasting until my half gallon of water’s finished, my body calls it quits, or my 100% natural rubber bungees get fatigued and start vibrating the mat. {‘Vibrating’ is best word I can think to come up with but it isn’t the most accurate.} I actually set out to do all of the above three within an hour. Any longer then that and my special double lined Nike shirt can’t exorb anymore sweat and I start dripping all over the mat which isn’t very safe and at this point is all the excuse I need to call it quits for the day.

If you get to the point that you can go hard enough long enough, you too may be able to stress the bungee’s rubber. If so wear it as a badge of honor for a job well done, and don’t worry a bit about their integrity because with a few hours rest, like your body’s limbs, your bellicon’s bungees will have all snapped back in place and roaring to go again the following day. (Plus remember the great warranty.) This exercise to me is by far the best. It’s crazy intense, after a few minutes mad challenging, extremely fun and actually quite natural feeling once those muscle groups start craving more stimulation. To me this is where the bellicon’s in a class of its own. One of the reason’s I went through four the cheap trampoes so quickly was of course do to their ridiculously poor construction. The frames were metal, but thin cheap, very easily bendable metal with TERRIBLE spot welds that on one of them suddenly catastrophically gave way [where half of the legs ripped to a 90 degree angle in a micro second]. Oh which reminds me, it’s not just for their added muscle that my booty cheeks thank me for the benevolent investment.

In this exclusive bellicon class~ incredible steal frames, strong mats and the right bungee color can easily support the 400+ pounder, where ALL OTHERS max-out at a mere 250 lbs. This allows someone like myself in the 250 ball park to be able to go hard on it and not have to treat the thing like a bunch of metallic egg shells. And believe me if you get bounced hard enough on your butt from one of the other flimsy tramps, and you too will be doing the egg shell dance on the store’s replacement. That’s no workout except maybe for patience.

Another thing I love is the face lift I get each time I hop on it. Your face will sag down tremendously on this thing so much that I had to stop and research online if this would cause early wrinkles. I found out that it’s just the opposite. The intense gravity you and your face experience from the long extending bungees forces all of your face muscles to engage to counteract your skin pulling down. So immediately after your workout you see a beautiful sweeter looking sweatier looking you. And this isn’t just facial, sense your entire body stands at attention instead of slouched in the corner somewhere like the way old workouts let it. This is one of my secret weapons that will continue keeping me look 1/3 less then my actual age indefinitely.

Now quickly for some nutritional advice for the fanatic that wants to go all out like me. Even though this is the greatest exercise known to man, low-impact or anything else (at least as far as NASA’s concerned… that’s right, look it up!) a good Glucosamine/Chondroitin/MSM formula will do you much justice (like Dymatize’s Joint Repair). Maybe add to that a good Omega 3,6&9 blend (like Udo’s Oil) and all your soft tissues with thank-you for giving them what God always intended for them to function properly. With such a lengthy dramatic workout you can also get quite acidic. For this I take Vaxa’s Buffer pH to alkaline my body at the beginning of the workout so any excess acid from stress doesn’t get a chance get out-of-hand. Because make no mistake, even though the Bell is easy on your body in one sense, it’s a major butt kicker when it come to the other to those with the heart to want it to.

Even more so then the joints though… and this to me is major important, you should take something like T.J. Clark’s Colloidal Minerals. It’s loaded with over 60 of the essential Major and Trace Minerals major sweating depletes us of. I’m unaware of any other product that compares to TJ’s, especially when you factor in the $20 or so price tag. This (so something just like it) is something your body already needs. Multiply that with the hightened level of sweating you’ll be doing, and shouldn’t probably go a day without it. To my understanding minerals are needed for the body to perform every single function, making them more essential then Vitamins. Your body can’t create them, and the food now-a-days ‘minerally’ completely suck, so don’t be cheap in this area.

There’s others that are great, but for the money I think anyone looking to put in some major work should get some Glutamine, not just because it helps your muscles (so they won’t excessively breakdown a need longer rebuilding times after your intense workouts) but mainly to step in for your immune system while your stressing the body with the intense workout itself. Even though major workouts are good for the heart, nerves, etc. it’s still putting your body under large amounts of prolonged stress which over time taxes your immune system. Glutamine before and/or during your workouts will dramatically help with this… and it’s cheap.

So that about wraps up everything except for this. Ironically the first month I worked out on my bellicon I experienced no weight loss. Can you figure out why? Because all this muscle it put on my whole body was happening in tandem with the fat it was dissolving around my waist, etc. It was also strengthening my formally injured shoulder to where I got back on my weights, and went from doing #5 girlie ‘knee’ push-ups, to #35 marine style manly push-ups, all in the same month.

But how’s this for results!?! I had to get a new belt for a new uniform I bought for a new job. This was about a month before getting my bellicon (I actually ordered it with my second check). One month after working out daily, the belt that barely fit before was now too big. A month earlier I wore it in one of the first two holes. 30 days later I would have had to cut a hole in it that would be able two spaces from the furthest innermost hole and use it to properly keep my pants up.

SO~ this might have been lengthy, but in my defense I owned Baby Bell longer than all the others who wrote reviews/testimonials. There’s people on the internet who put up whole websites just to rave how fantastic one of these babies’ are after owning it two months longer than me. Who knows, maybe another two months of this Newlywed Love Relationship and I’ve be designing my own web page as well. No thing’s for sure, treat yourself to one of these and immediately you will always understand why I took the time I did to rave about it. Bell’s aren’t the best of the best… there’s nothing else like them… No, simply put~ bellicon IS BEST!!! Period!!! (And I guess I call it Bell because Con which seem to be a tad bid counterproductive to my message here).

PS- Don’t screw around or even worse screw yourself, get the biggest one they make so you can get loose on the thing. For reasons mentioned earlier, I’d get bungees for at least one weight class higher so you can do much more than just jump high. Actually you could most likely jump higher with the stiffer bands because you can bounce harder and create more force with will propel you higher, and the softer ones give more which = sink more. As a reference, my 100 lbs son loves jumping on my 301-440 lbs bungees, and I just think stiffer landing let you get really creative.

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