How do you like me now!

Mrs. Doc 09.08.2014

I have had my Bellicon for six months. I am recovering from more than a decade long battle with Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia. (Not to the mention the fact that I am almost 60 years old). It has taken me a while to build up my stamina. Now I can almost keep up with the beginning workouts that were sent to me by e-mail to get me started.

Not only am I getting to my ideal weight but I am feeling strong and looking quite fit. I love it that I can work out just a few feet from the bed and my husband doesn't hear a things...except at first, the heavy "panting" was an issue!

My doctor was all for me getting some exercise, even though he thought at first the "impact" would be bad for me, so I had to "educate" him on that issue. (Thanks to the information available on your site). We were even able to pay for it through our HSA.

I am looking forward to having my doctor re-check my bone density (probably after using the rebounder for a year) since my doctor was adament that excercise would slow down the loss of bone, but "nothing can be done about replacing it". I tell everyone that asks how I got to be so fit at my age with all the health challenges I have faced. It's the "real deal"!

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