I am completely delighted

Hilary Gregory 30.11.2019
I want to thank everyone at Bellicon for the great product and service I received. My family and I clubbed together to buy me this wonderful rebounder to help with my arthritis. I loved the bounce immediately, but I was upset that the mat wasn’t perfectly sewn. The very nice guys in the UK and Germany soon sorted it out and now I have, not only the best hope for improving my condition, I have an absolutely beautiful product, which looks great in my sitting room. I am completely delighted with it and I am looking forward to years of getting back into shape in a fun way that will be low impact enough to help with my condition.

I found out about Bellicons when listening to an interview. The lady in her 70s was was answering questions on an entirely un- related topic and was asked, how on Earth she looked so young into her late 70s. She replied it was due to her Bellicon, which she took with her even when she travelled.

I am very much looking forward to getting back in shape and working to ease the arthritis. I feel better after 3 weeks. Thank you all for the work it takes at each stage, to create and send out to customers, such a wonderful rebounder with such excellent customer service. Thank you :)
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