Much better than an ergometer bicycle

Dagmar Bobran-Krämer 24.08.2015

"I ordered a bellicon 125 cm in the middle of February 2009. I was enthusiastic then and still am!!! Unfortunately, my ergometer couldn’t overcome my inner laziness, but the bellicon® could. I’m 62 years old and 50% seriously disabled, but due to my motivated training on the bellicon® I was clearly able to improve my performance.
At a lactate level test in October 2008, I achieved a 52 percentile amongst the female cyclists, which means that 52 percent of all female age groups were behind me. I was therefore mediocre.
Exactly one year later and after 8 months of bellicon training, the readings showed that I’d landed in the 77th percentile of female cyclists. That’s an improvement of about 50% - and that’s how good I feel as well!"

Tags: Training, Fun
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