My initial impression of my Bellicon was how chic and nice it looked...

Brandi Simmons 14.07.2014

My initial impression of my Bellicon was how chic and nice it looked. My Bellicon has a black frame with black bungees and a pink rim on the mat, and I love it. The first time I used my rebounder, I have to admit, I felt a little off balance but since then I've become a great bouncer. At first, my legs definitely felt a burn, especially the calves. Nowadays, after four months of rebounding, I feel hardly any hard burn at all in my muscles.

I've already noticed a difference in my weight, I've currently lost approximately 20 pounds! I've also gained quite a bit of muscle definition, getting nice and toned! I have also noticed an increase in energy, I'm just so much more vibrant than I was. I just feel great in general and I love my Bellicon. But less about me and more about the product. I love that there is absolutely no sound when I bounce on it, so refreshing after trying a different spring rebounder previously. I am also happy with my screw on legs, I just feel more stable than I think I would have with the collapsible legs. All in all, I have loved my experience with my Bellicon so far. I feel safe and happy when I bounce! I would highly recommend this product despite the price. You're definitely paying for quality with Bellicon rebounders.

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