Nothing that sits in the corner and collects dust

Brian Flatter 17.10.2018

A friend of mine purchased a bellicon and really turned me on to the idea of getting a rebounder. I was unsure about spending a premium so I initially purchased a competitors rebounder. The construction and design was very similar so I thought I would have a good experience. It was great for about a month, but then the bungees started to fail one by one. The company worked with me for a while to remedy the matter, but eventually I realized it was an inferior product and I would just have to spend the money on something better.

The bellicon rebounder is simply superior in every way. The design is flawless, the action is tremendous on this rebounder. I use my bellicon on a daily basis. This is not something that sits in the corner and collects dust. I use it daily and I can trust that it will keep me flying. I can't say enough good things about it. Do I wish it were a bit cheaper? Of course, but you get what you pay for! I love my bellicon!

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