... it always puts a smile on my face.

Peggy 02.09.2014

I’ve had my Bellicon rebounder for about 6 months and I never get bored of this piece of equipment. I enjoy doing the health bounce every morning; it helps wake me up and inspires me to start my day with a smile.

I purchased the 44” model with screw on legs. The construction of the rebounder is of superb quality and the bounce is absolutely quiet, unlike my previous spring mini rebounder that was very noisy. The Bellicon is a delight to use, in addition to doing the health bounce, I only need to put some music on and bounce away.

It is hard to get off as I always find myself saying, “ I’ll just bounce one more song”, and then another song and another. I love that there is low impact on the joints and when you stop bouncing, you can feel the energy flowing through your entire body.

It is a wonderful way to keep you moving and keep the weight off. I went to Bellingham, WA to a Pilates studio to try one out before I made my purchase because it was a big investment for me. Patrick, at Red Mountain Wellness Studio gave us a demonstration, and it was confirmed for me that everything I had been researching about this equipment was true; I was sold! It has been a worthwhile purchase and using it always puts a smile on my face.

Tags: bounce, joints
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