Best Bounce Ever!

Phiction 21.09.2015

I started rebounding with a spring based rebounder some years ago and then moved up to a bungee-based bellicon competitor. I had always really wanted a bellicon, and when my husband and I paid off our mortgage this spring, we allowed ourselves each one extravagant purchase. Mine was of course the long-desired bellicon rebounder, and I have been so happy with the purchase. There really is no comparison between bounce quality of the bellicon and that of competitors - even the bungee based ones. I bounce just about every day - free-style or to the SixPax videos. I have also been able to bounce along to walking aerobics videos, which I enjoy but find too stressful on my hips and back if done on the floor. The larger mat size makes it possible to do mat based exercises on the Bellicon as well. My biggest challenge with the Bellicon is getting my german shepherd off of it. She even likes to stand on it while I bounce sometimes!

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