We love the bellicon 49" rebounder!

Roger 19.09.2013

We do love the bellicon 49" rebounder and have used it everyday since it arrived in August. We have owned the Jumpsport 350 about five years and the 370 since early 2011. We were happy with the Jumpsports but kept seeing and hearing great things about the bellicon. We decided to try it just to see if it lived up to the hype, and it does easily. The 49" size makes it even more fun and easier to use. The exercise videos have helped a lot but it is just fun to hop on and bounce and we do often. Several times a day and in the evening to relax after dinner. It beats a walk in the rain after dinner. I have had mini-rebounders since the 1970's off and on - I have given away about 20 of them over the years as I bought new ones. They were all spring based and all of them broke springs at some point. Replacing springs was not easy on any of them, but I did.

I like the bungee cords much better and even if they wear out they are very easy to replace. The longer 14" legs on the bellicon prevent bottoming out and the bounce is very nice. I do a lot of easy bouncing while I read the newspaper then more serious bouncing after I have finished reading. Deborah now reads and bounces sometimes also. The bellicon is very quiet. I do have a problem with my back that forced me into retirement 23 years ago but the bellicon seems to help ease the pain when it flares up. I have told most everyone about it but the price scares some of them away - I say it is a lot less expensive than medicine and doctors and makes me feel a lot better . I still have the Jumpsport rebounders and we use one if we bounce together like this morning. She will let me have the bellicon and she uses the 370, squishes and all. What a trooper! One day we may get another bellicon for her but for now I enjoy the use of it daily. Thank you for making it available here in the U.S.A.

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