Flexible training and maintaining weigh

Ruth Piller 23.03.2014

I am very happy with the mini trampoline from bellicon. I noticed a big difference to common, cheap devices. The suspension is very suave and doesn’t put any stress on the joints and body.

It is fun to work out with it and time flies. Unlike with other devices you don’t wonder: “When is it finally over?” My ultimate reason to get a bellicon was to activate my metabolism and to control my weight. As a relaxation educator I am thinking holistic, and I realized that I missed out on exercise.

With the trampoline I am not bound to place or time, I am weather-independent, and I can exercise any time I like. I use it every other day for about 20 minutes, sometimes daily or just twice a week. This is a great way to get exercise without any more pressure on my schedule and to maintain my weight

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