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Perfect training whilst pregnant
Shireen Armstrong 26.04.2015

"I love the bellicon®. I used to run every day for an hour, and then I got pregant! I couldn't run whilst pregnant, and have only just started to go back to some form of exercise. I needed something that I could do indoors, everyday, regardless of the weather. The bellicon® is perfect for this.

I put on all my old music and rebound away! I do about ½ hour and although I don't get the same levels of exertion as I used to from running, it is much gentler on my body, and I do feel as though I am getting a good workout. It is fantastic for my abdominal core muscles. I am having a great time with the bellicon®, and can't wait for my son to get good at it - I regard it as a beneficial workout for him, as it really helps his development of balance.

Thank you so much for all the trouble you went to in order to get this rebounder to me - you really did go the extra mile for me, and I am truly grateful to you for helping me out. You were so honest, which is such a refreshing change. You gave me great advice and answered all my queries so comprehensively, - and patiently!

Thank you very very much."

12 weeks, 25 pounds, pain all gone!
Arweldy 08.01.2015

I was skeptical, I admit. I hadn't truly had any form of exercise program in 20 years. I started bouncing about an hour total a day, eating for nutrition and not worrying so much bout a diet. I've lost 25 pounds in 12 weeks, toned my body a lot, see inches falling off, sleep better, and my neck and back have not hurt since I started. If I never lose another pound, I will still bounce daily from now on! Worth every penny! I just jog and bounce freestyle ... My body seems to know what to love next naturally. I am addicted, no doubt.

Loving my Bellicon!
Ronda 11.08.2014

I've had my Bellicon for a few weeks now and I love it! I did a lot of research before making a decision and I'm so happy I chose a Bellicon. My entire experience has been wonderful, starting with Lauren in customer service who answered my many questions.

I ordered the 44' and it's perfect. The quality is great and it's like jumping on a cloud. It's always been hard for me to stick with an aerobic workout but I just put on some great music and away I go. I bounce for 10 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening alternating between bouncing, jogging, jumping jacks, etc. I would highly recommend a Bellicon to anyone looking for a great workout with a quality product!

Happy rebounding.

Mini Trampoline as alternative to Jogging
Alexandra Lewicki 23.03.2014

"When I test-jumped at the Medica Show in Duesseldorf I noticed a dramatic difference to my Trimilin at home. The bellicon mini trampoline bounces much softer, doesn’t cause hard shocks, and it tangibly utilizes the muscles more.

I use it to compensate for my job and as an alternative for running, especially in bad weather in the winter or when it gets dark early. It is really user-friendly. My muscles get a better workout and I am in better shape.

In the beginning I didn't endure as long as on my old Trimilin (30 to 60 minutes). I had to start with ten minutes, and then I increased it over the course of 4 weeks. If possible I exercise every day.