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Draining my head
Yvonne 20.10.2018
I have enjoyed jumping on my new bellicon. It has not bothered my joints. It has allowed my lymph system to drain more and I feel it draining down from my ears as they crackle to open up. ...
Best rebounder on the market
Beth 17.09.2018
Love Bellicon- best re bounder on the market. My 10 year old daughter is obsessed with this. She uses it everyday and is great exercise for all ages!
It is a great workout and so easy on the joints. I also use it with light weights. Highly recommend!!! ...
Awesome also for overweight users
Diane 15.09.2018
My Bellicon rebounder is AWESOME! I am 58 years old and was looking for something to help me exercise that would be easy for me to adjust too, since I was not a regular exerciser. I wanted something easy on the joints, and to help my balance as well. I had also read that rebounding helps the lymphatic system. I sit all day in my job, and was noticing my feet swelling up by the end of the day. ...
Love it
Cynthia 30.07.2018
I love the bellicon feels so good on my knees and hips. And the bounds is so much better then the cheap one I had. I love it ty ...
The bellicon® makes you happy and left wanting more
Gislinde Heuer

"The bellicon® rebounder makes you happy and left wanting more. I use it about 4 to 5 times a week, sometimes for a short time, sometimes for longer and especially with music. In the beginning it was a little bit difficult. For about 3 weeks I could only go on the minitrampoline for a short period of time as it then made me feel a little unwell and dizzy.

My perseverance has paid off though as my back pain in the iliosacral joint areas have almost completely disappeared. The purchase of a bellicon® trampoline was a good investment and I would gladly recommend it to others."

Tags: Back-pain, Joints
Bouncing despite a damaged meniscus
Luise Iwan-Dettmar from German magazine "Vital" 30.01.2016

"I wouldn’t have classified bouncing on a jumping mat as the best sport for spinal disc patients. Now I’m reading on the internet that there is a rebounder that is supposed to be extremely gentle on the back – chosen by the “society for healthier backs” (AGR), a specialist committee. The device of my choice is called bellicon®, has a diameter of 112 cm and fits in my bedroom. I have a tendency for knee problems and therefore started carefully, only a few minutes to wake up.

The most important thing to know, and the reason even patients with arthritis can do the exercises, is...don’t jump, just swing! A friendly physiotherapist can show you how.

Despite a slow start and professional tips, I was convinced that my knee would start playing up as it always did after dancing or walking. But, it didn’t happen! It was as if my meniscus wasn’t damaged at all. This is because the bellicon® is incredibly flexible. The mat is sprung with highly elasticised rope rings; I sink into it deeply and am thus slowed down gently.
Even for the over 50’s who have circulation problems or who are overweight, the bellicon® is harmless. Bad devices on the contrary are sprung really hard, so the brake path is also shorter and one has to endure high impact levels to the joints and discs, as when jogging.

Conclusion: The bellicon® rebounder is suitable for all age groups, even when there is restricted movement."

Tags: Seniors, Joints
Just what I needed!
Candee 02.01.2016

Recently diagnosed with osteoporosis and having suffered a stroke (a year ago from which I've fully recovered), I knew that I had to get moving and stay moving not to mention remain motivated!

I'm amazed how quickly I can become aerobic, remain so and NOT have any issues with my joints. This is so much easier and a lot more fun than exercising on a treadmill.

Thank you! I can't wait to see the improvement in my bone scan!

Tags: bones, aerobic, joints
... it always puts a smile on my face.
Peggy 02.09.2014

I’ve had my Bellicon rebounder for about 6 months and I never get bored of this piece of equipment. I enjoy doing the health bounce every morning; it helps wake me up and inspires me to start my day with a smile.

I purchased the 44” model with screw on legs. The construction of the rebounder is of superb quality and the bounce is absolutely quiet, unlike my previous spring mini rebounder that was very noisy. The Bellicon is a delight to use, in addition to doing the health bounce, I only need to put some music on and bounce away.

It is hard to get off as I always find myself saying, “ I’ll just bounce one more song”, and then another song and another. I love that there is low impact on the joints and when you stop bouncing, you can feel the energy flowing through your entire body.

It is a wonderful way to keep you moving and keep the weight off. I went to Bellingham, WA to a Pilates studio to try one out before I made my purchase because it was a big investment for me. Patrick, at Red Mountain Wellness Studio gave us a demonstration, and it was confirmed for me that everything I had been researching about this equipment was true; I was sold! It has been a worthwhile purchase and using it always puts a smile on my face.

Tags: bounce, joints