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Danielle 19.02.2016

It has now been a year since I received my Bellicon. First when I received it I was not very happy because the expense was way much than what I had expected because of the money exchange and because of the cost of shipping and of customs. Once I got over that - I started bouncing - but couldn't do more than 3 minutes at a time - I was desparate - I had no balance and my leg muscles were deeply hurting even after 3 minutes a day. Ho boy what did I get myself into...

But it wasn't long that I could go from 3 to 5 minutes and then to 15 minutes. Balance came back. Now I am dancing everyday on my trampoline. I put the music on and have a great time. My objective is to do 20 to 30 minutes everyday - but that rarely happens - most of the time I am way over that 30 minutes and having a great time!!!

So even if the beginnings are hard - keep doing it and in no time you will be able to fully enjoy your Bellicon!

The quality of the Bellicon is wonderful - it was expensive but worth every single $$$.

An unexpected benefit has occurred for me...
Jeff Dunaway 08.06.2015

ONE MONTH UPDATE: I really love my Bellicon. I bounce everyday throughout the day and have even hit 40 minutes a day with my favorite music. NOW.... an unexpected benefit has occurred for me. Before Bellicon I had some kind of neuropathy in my feet which made it very painful to walk outside on my lawn or driveway with bare feet.

I'm surprised to report that after one month of bouncing on the Bellicon.... the neuropathy is gone! In addition to that my body is noticeably more toned. In the past I ran 5 miles a day, 365 days a year and, pumped iron.

The feeling I get from my Bellicon is far superior to those activities. I'll never stop bouncing. ps....... my 7 year old daughter bounces every morning before school for a few minutes of fun. In reality, her bouncing guarantees that she is bright eyed and wide awake for her classes!

We are definitely a Bellicon bouncing family now.

Laura 03.04.2015

I am still early in my rebounding career. ;) I've had it for just about a month now. I love it. I can feel myself getting stronger.

This is an activity that is more play to me than work, so I can tell it will be easy to continue for years to come. My son loves bouncing on our bellicon as well. I'm glad he gets the extra exercise. I recommend the bellicon rebounder for anyone looking for quality, excellent customer service and for a rebounder that will last a long time. Now, I'm sounding like a commercial....

What surprises me most is that my left knee, which is sore periodically, feels better when I am bouncing. And the bouncing on this rebounder does not aggravate it. It continues feeling better after bouncing.

The only downside I can see is the price tag. However, I consider it well worth it. I love the fact that bellicon will work with you if at all possible in terms of payments. Makes getting their rebounder easier.


I love love love it!
Rita 02.04.2015

Me and my children jump on it everyday; it has a wonderful bounce even for someone with chronic knee pain. I wouldn't want to own another re-bounder. My only regret is not ordering it sooner. Thanks bellicon

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Best of the Best
Mountain Girl 12.02.2015

I wish it didn't cost as much so that all of my friends could buy one. That being said, the quality is exceptional. I have had a rebounder for many years. It is the typical $50. kind. Sure you can bounce on it, but it is hard on the body. The Bellicon gives a long smooth bounce that is hard to imagine without trying one.

I watched a ton of online video reviews before purchasing mine. I could tell from the videos this was the best. Another thing that the videos showed was how quiet it is. Absolutely silent. You really can bounce while watching TV with others in the room, you can bounce while others are sleeping, etc. That is a wonderful thing.

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Best of the lot
GrannyP 10.01.2015

I jumped on my first rebounder in the 80's and broke two of the $39/49 cheapies from the sports store and gave it up for ten years. When deciding to get back to rebounding in Chicago because the winters were too cold for daily outdoor walking, I paid up to get the best at the time a Reboundair. And I loved it, jumping pretty regularly but maybe only 10 or 15 minutes per day. On my 68th birthday, I decided it was time to increase my time to keep from losing bone mass, balance, and lung power. A broken spring took me on an internet search and bellicon kept bouncing to the top of search results. I was hooked, and took possession of my 44" blue mat, lime green bungees in early winter. I bounce six minutes every hour for a total of 60 minutes per day. I look great, feel great and give thanks to bellicon for giving me so much enjoyment and healthful exercise.

I love it!
Brittany 06.10.2014

The bellicon reblunder is amazing. I rarely ever excercised before but now I'm bouncing on this almost everyday. I think about it all day and can't wait to go at it again. Yup..I love it!:)

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LOVE my Bellicon
Lauren 28.09.2014

Because I had balance issues, I got the Bellicon with side stability rails. Since bouncing is fun, I've been able to easily and happily incorporate into my busy, daily routine. In the relatively short amount of time that I've been bouncing, I no longer need to use the stability rails. And even better, my overall balance as improved dramatically - I am so thrilled.

Vastly and unexpectedly superior
Roxanne 26.08.2014

I ordered a bellicon because I loved my cheap spring trampoline from the sporting goods store and wanted something quieter with a higher weight capacity. I wasn't expecting a big difference other than less squeaking, but the two trampolines are worlds apart. Stepping on my bellicon feels like stuffing my face with marshmallows. It fills me with fluffy joy from head to toe. I put it in front of the couch where the ottoman used to be, so I can hop on for five minutes or for an hour and watch squeak-free television while I bounce my cares away.

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It’s been months and I’m still thrilled
Silvia Steinsberger 23.03.2014

Even after many weeks I am still very happy and my wishes have been fulfilled in a friendly, competent and prompt manner. The service is quick and nice, the trampoline is loads of fun and so gentle that even people like me with quite a bit of extra baggage like to get on it.

Even if you are well endowed, which usually makes jumping and bouncing painful, it is possible on the bellicon without excessive ‘bouncing and swapping’. No matter what exercise you do, it is painless on the bellicon.

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