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Best rebounder on the market
Beth 17.09.2018
Love Bellicon- best re bounder on the market. My 10 year old daughter is obsessed with this. She uses it everyday and is great exercise for all ages!
It is a great workout and so easy on the joints. I also use it with light weights. Highly recommend!!! ...
Best jump!!!
N Greville 15.09.2018
I love this trampoline. I’ve been working out more consistently and the workouts are a joy and efficient. Plus my kids (2.5, 5.5years) use it when they need to burn some energy or bedore school to get their bodies all ready.

Seriously, nice soft bounce (and that is with bungees that are stronger than recommended so I can do quick workout bounces) and it doesn’t make a peep. I am looking ...
Great for the whole family !
Yami 01.02.2016

December 2010 at age 55, I weighed 185 pounds at 5'6" tall. My knees hurt and I was out of breath when climbing the stairs to my third floor office in my home. I had strength trained since 2008, decreasing my back pain by 90%, and my knee pain by 20%, but hadn't lost one pound and still out of breath. My husband said I needed to add more cardio to my strength training, but my knees hurt every time I attempted. April 2011, when browsing DVDs on Amazon, I discovered Urban Rebounding Extreme Training DVD's. I researched and read about the benefits of rebounding and that it is gentle on the joints. I ordered the DVDs and dragged out a mini tramp my husband bought years ago..

I immediately began to loose weight, ordered more rebounding DVDs and a quality spring based rebounder. I rebounded six days a week and incorporated my strength training with the soft weights as demonstrated in many of the videos. I began a calendar rotating videos to keep my workouts diverse and exciting. I look forward to knowing I've scheduled African dance rebounding, ballet rebounding, kickboxing, etc. It keeps things fresh and I know I've worked every body part over the course of a week.

By October 2011, I had lost 25 pound and felt I deserved the reward of the best rebounder for my 56th birthday. I ordered my Bellicon Classic and absolutely love the bounce and the ease on my joints. By Spring 2012, I lost an additional 15 pounds and my knee pain improved by 90%. I believe it was a combination of the weight loss and strengthening of my calf and thigh muscles.

Today, January 2016 at age 60, I have maintained my 40 pound weight loss and this week lost one more pound. I now weigh 144 pounds and have a BMI of 23.2 My knee may twinge once a month or so. When this happens, I put on a cloth knee brace while rebounding and I'm fine in a couple days. The best thing is I'm in the best shape of my life. I was thin up to age 40, but had a very weak core and aching back. I now easily climb the stairs from by basement to third floor, can deadlift 100 pounds (my doctor said to cut back to 40, I compromised to 60 pounds), and I can do some terribly awkward looking chin ups.

Rebounding changed the quality of my life. Staying fit is not a chore, it is a lifestyle and a healthy hobby. I always look forward to new rebounding DVDs and workout wear as rewards. I just ordered my third set of bungees from Bellicon and can't wait for my new Bellicon DVDs to arrive in the mail.


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I LOVE my Bellicon as Well
Laurie Hail 21.08.2015

I have found the Bellicon an EXCELLENT, far superior and beneficial than the many "mini-tramps" I've used in the past. I've alWays believed in the science behind and benefits of rebounding, after doing a great deal of research on it, Many years ago. The best exercise ever and doing it on a Bellicon is SO enjoyable and fun, along With all the benefits. I've had many friends, and even strangers I've struck up conversations With about rebounding, come over to see and actually try jumping on the Bellicon, so they can see hoW different they are than the normal, discount store "mini-tramps". They've ALL come aWay convinced and very impressed. It has helped me stay healthy and Well exercised, Whether in several short 5-10 minute sessions/day or a longer, full routine. My grandkids love it as Well. It not only helps them release their endless energy in a fun Way, but gives them all the other Wonderful benefits of rebounding Without their even knowing it!! Again, LOVE my Bellicon. For those of you With any Pre or actual Diabetic problems - the Bellicon can help you loWer your Blood Sugar #'s as Well. 30-60 seconds running in place on the Bellicon, as fast as you can, 1-2 minute rest x 3 brings my #'s doWn substantially Within minutes, and even more in the next 30 - 60 minutes, Whenever my #'s get off kilter.

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Lots of fun and great for the kids
Dan, Coral, Job & Bel 18.09.2013

Where's the best place to take your kids in Chicago after a 5.5 hr car ride? Either the stairwell of the Willis Tower, or the Bellicon shop! They didn't stop bouncing for 30 minutes, after which John offered them water and they started over again ;)

10 days of ownership, but I don't have a "Before/After" photo, but I do know the kids & mommy fight over it (I just throw them off, so it's not really a fight) and we gleefully use it throughout the day like a bunch of gummy-bears! My wife uses it before bed and has found that it helps her fall asleep faster... didn't see that one coming but not bad! Thanks to John for working to get us the perfect model that we'll use happily for a looooong time! We highly recommend the bellicon staff for customer service, rebounders, and babysitting!

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Thanks bellicon!
Arlyn 15.01.2013

This rebounder has far exceeded my expectations. One of the best features is the quiet bungee's feature. I can get up at 5:30 A.M. and jump for 20 minutes next to my son's bedroom and not have to worry about waking him up. It's very strong, light, attractive and supportive. My kids love it too. They jump on it everymorning. I tell them that it makes all their cells, muscles and joints smile and laugh at them. For weight loss it is a great way to move lymph around and out of body. So many more benefits to share. I love it! Thanks Bellicon!