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bellicon® - the number one rebounder for me

"My dream came true! I received the bellicon® sometime before. I tried to jump – how wonderful. It feels so great! The bellicon® is the number one rebounder all over the world! I think that it was good that I had chosen your product."

Mickey 22.03.2016

This was most certainly worth waiting for until I made a sound decision. Because I spend 30-60 min. a day rebounding, value the pin dropping silence of my Bellicon and can now see the obvious well thought out product that it is.. it will surely last the rest of my life easily with the exception of maybe needing to replace the cords from time to time. This is the Porsche of rebounders!! Thank you Bellicon for such a beautiful product! :-)

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Great Rebounder
D. Taylor 23.01.2016

After getting back into using a rebounder after having a cheap mini trampoline 20 years ago.

I began a search over the internet to see if i could find a better rebounder than the one i had 20, 25 years ago.

Came across several brands after a few days of research i decided to order the Bellicon classic 44" .

I will say i have not been disappointed with my buying of the Bellicon, i have started out using it for a minimum of 30 minutes a day to start and will increase my minutes as time goes on.

Another added feature i like is the foldable legs, they makes it easy to store

again great product

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Char 17.01.2016

I have tried so many different exercise programs and always approached each one with intensity that only waned as the weeks went by. I intermittently used a spring rebounder that really was unsatisfactory in performance but I really liked the concept and the benefits. Then I happened to come across a bellicon ad, got very intrigued but agonized over the purchase. It took me 6 months to take the plunge and make the purchase. I am ADDICTED! I bounce every day for an hour! I can't wait to get home from work to bounce! It is so much fun that I was skeptical about the real benefits. My doubts were unfounded. Thank you bellicon!

Love my Bellicon and the Company!
Tiffany 11.01.2016

My Bellicon arrived in days and it was ready to go right out of the box (I bought the attached legs so I just had to turn them up) It is really fun and the videos on be360 and youtube are great to follow. I like that just a few minutes of jumping improves your day. I had several questions and the "Chat" support is 5 star! They quickly helped me out and took care of everything. I have never rebounded before and was not sure what type of rebounder to get. With the great customer support and the product exceeding my expectations I am so happy I went with the Bellicon.

One Year Later - Still Love
Rainy1 08.01.2016

I purchased a 44" Bellicon over a year ago. It sits in my room. I haven't been the best about maintaining a great schedule with it, so I am excited to use BE360. I like the videos and think that my workout is more fun with the addition of this service.

It's absolutely brilliant
AD 30.12.2015

I research the hell out of things I buy, and that's anything I buy. I spent an entire week researching "rebounders" I watched the official videos made by Bellicon, and I watched and read reviews by people who already owned one. I also watched comparison videos of the competitors, I think no one else should bother making a rebounder and no one should buy anything but a Bellicon. When I ordered one, it was after my research ...

When I received it, I realized it was worth every single cent I paid for it. This is without a doubt the FERRARI OF REBOUNDERS. The build quality is unlike any other rebounder, the attention to detail creates perfection. I bought the classic 44" one with folding legs. I have owned a treadmill, a stationary bike and I wish I had bought one of these ten years ago. Don't bother buying any other rebounder this is as close to silent jumping as you will find. I have my Bellicon right in-front of my desk, I have only had it for a couple of weeks and I started a minute at a time, I'm at 5 mins now and I already feel better.

Finally everyone I spoke with in their sales department was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Their videos are all the instruction you will need to learn how to use it. This is the best purchase I have made in 2015.

Love the Bellicon
Carolina 22.12.2015

Love my new Bellicon. I have been rebounding on the second best rebounder on the market for years but when I received the Bellicon there was no comparison. My bone density has dramatically improved and I am starting to feel toned all over. Highly recommend your product!

Tati Gib 12.04.2015

Hi - I've been rebounding for the past six years on a cheap rebounder which I thought was great. I've invested on bellicon classes 3 months ago and all I can say is that its amazing, to the extent that I have just purchased a second one for my daughter. Yes, maybe a little pricey, but certainly worth it!

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our Bellicon love affair
Andreasteward 07.02.2015

My husband and I are a professional driving team for Conway Truckload. Our Bellicon is on the truck and used daily. We love it. A recent video of our Bellicon love affair can be found here... andrea

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