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Loving it!
Greendancer 16.02.2015

I'm loving the Bellicon rebounder. I use it in the morning to get my circulation going and follow it with yoga stretches. My legs feel much stronger already on the trail, and there is literally more spring in my step. Some days, I jump on it as soon as I come home from work, particularly if I've had to sit at the computer a lot or it's been especially stressful.

For me, it's become a fresh way to enjoy dance! My whole body feels strengthened since I've included it in my routines. Wonderful invigorating, playful exercise - particularly appreciated on those cold, wet days. I'm very impressed with the design and quality of the Bellicon and look forward to using it for many years.

Balanced and dynamic!
Sarah 19.08.2013

One of my favorite things in life is dynamic movement that is balanced + creative.......bellicon offers this in such a FUN way! It's impossible to jump up + down without having fun, right?!

I have found that the bellicon provides so many benefits for the body :: low impact exercise, a variable surface (which provides a more functional challenge) for unique strength training and aerobic exercise, a fantastic way to get your energy flowing and a well-balanced full body experience.

I use it to mix up my exercise routines, strengthening exercises, as a warm up for yoga or just as a break from working at my desk! I heart my bellicon :)

Last but NOT least, the customer service and attention to detail is impeccable at bellicon. Unmatched quality all around!

- Sarah Tomson Beyer, Physical Therapist + Flowmotion Yoga Instructor ( )

I am grateful for my bellicon
Patricia 14.09.2012

I recently purchased a 44'' bellicon. I went back and forth between the 39" and the 44". It was not so easy to understand the difference between the sizes especially when I had never been on a mini trampoline before. I did get the 44" model and I am very happy with it. It does give me extra room for my legs if I want to jump high or jump wide. I am 5'4" 130lbs and I think the 39 probably would have been fine for me though. So, if you have a space concern or want to travel with your bellicon, bigger does not mean better. I am a yoga instructor and have loved my yoga practice for many years as my main exercise. As I get older, I need more cardio for my state of mind as well as my body. I love how I feel after a session on my bellicon. My body feels light and vibrant and my mind feels very clear. I love to ride a bike or walk, but this is a very different feeling in the body and much kinder to my imbalances. I get no residual pain. I am grateful for my bellicon!!

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