A perfect exercise device for the overweight

Dr. Hans H. Langer, chairman of the Niedersachsen Gymnastics Federation (NTB) for sports health
Picture of Dr. Hans H. Langer

“Jumping on the bellicon® rebounder has many positive effects on our bodies’ systems:

  • Training of all our muscles, balance and fine motor skills,
  • Tightening of skin and connective tissues,
  • Strengthening of bones,
  • Stabilization of the joints,
  • Positive impact on respiratory-, nerve- and cardiovascular system,
  • Supply of lymph fluid to the intervertebral discs,
  • Activation of the lymphatic system and inner organs,

Training on the bellicon® also actively prevents or, alternatively, improves the effects caused by damage due to osteoporosis.

Application range

This makes the bellicon® an ideal exercise device for the overweight, who can walk and jump on the devices without damaging their joints, as well as for the elderly or users with movement restrictions like for example muscle weakness or back problems. Ideal is the individual impact pressure with identical rhythms (swinging, jumping).

We use these rebounders to do sport with the overweight, especially children, who despite their excess weight are finally able to move freely. It is especially effective with music, as this takes their mind off the cardiovascular impact and thus allows for playful practice.

Using the bellicon® rebounders for ski exercises is equally effective. The muscles typically used for skiing can be stimulated and jumps can be performed without putting pressure on the back.

The participants are between 6 and 70 years old and all of them are highly motivated and thrilled by the effects from the bellicon devices.”

Dr. Hans H. Langer
Wöhrendamm 19 c
22927 Großhansdorf

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