bellicon® Jumping 137cm screw-in legs

bellicon Jumping Fitness

The bellicon® Jumping Fitness has a black, powder-coated finish, an integrated locking slot for the included T-bar and a large, hexagonal frame. Available in 54”.


From CHF 798,00

This product is currently not available

The Jumping Fitness® bounces you all the way home. Our bellicon® Jumping Fitness is a special edition and belongs to the same family of studio equipment as the Jumping Fitness® label. When combined with the high-quality bellicon bungee spring, the T-bar transforms the bellicon® Jumping Fitness into an extraordinary must-have for every fitness fan.

Exclusively available with screw-on legs and ultra-strong bungees, it is especially designed for jumping power training workouts. Our stackable bellicon® Jumping Fitness Pro equipped with fixed legs is also available for studio owners. The bellicon® Jumping Fitness Pro is available exclusively and directly from Jumping Fitness.

Equipped with a quick release bracket, the T-bar is individually height adjustable to between 123and 147 cm. The jumping surface roughly matches that of a round 125 cm bellicon®. The bellicon® Jumping Fitness is exclusively available with our ultra-strong bungee strength. The bungees are available in black. The bellicon® Jumping Fitness is only available with screw-on legs for an extra stable hold.