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Certified course in:
D-51063 Köln

26.11.2016 (Köln)
04.12.2016 (Luzern)
03.12.2016 (Köln)
04.02.2017 (Luzern)
01.04.2017 (Luzern)
11.06.2017 (Luzern)
02.09.2017 (Luzern)
02.12.2017 (Luzern)

1 Day
total 9 hours

 net. EUR 199.-
or CHF 250.-

The bellicon Bounce course is a one day specialization course in which the participants learn how to create and choreograph own exercises on the bellicon®. The subject matter also covers expertly directing a group training. Bellicon Bounce is a new training concept with a rigid structure which incorporates a combination of endurance and power sets in varying degrees. The use of accessories, applied dance elements and exercise combinations supplement this class. Despite the intense nature of this training a high fun factor is ever present. Group fitness classes are in high demand and omnipresent in modern fitness studios.

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bellicon Bounce Course data

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Individual criteria

A pre-condition for attending the Bounce certification is the successful completion of the bellicon Basic Course. Distinct communicative skills are instrumental to successfully leading such a group class.

Course content

  • Various exercise units
  • Structuring of a choreography
  • Structuring a bellicon Bounce class
  • Music tuition
  • Training principles
  • bellicon Bounce primary exercises
  • Application of diverse accessories
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  • Theoretical content
  • Practical Bounce exam


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