Training on the bellicon® is effective and gentle at the same time. With positive effect on the back muscles, the spine and the intervertebral discs. There's a reason the bellicon® is approved by the Action for Healthier Backs (AGR).
The bellicon® mini trampoline explained in 2 minutes


There are many causes for back pain. Being inactive certainly not the solution. In fact, you need to keep your back moving, stimulate the muscles, lubricate the intervertebral discs and fight stress. Fortunately, there is a fun and simple solution: bouncing on the bellicon®. And you can do it all with one device!

Back exercises on the bellicon

Back exercises on the bellicon®

Bouncing on the bellicon® strengthens your core muscles in the following ways: 

  • The push and pull movements make it easier for liquids and nutrients to find their way to the intervertebral discs.
  • The elastic bungees prevent overloading
  • Because of the unstable mat you are constantly working on your balance - and therefore you develop a better posture!


Strengthen your back with the bellicon® mini trampoline

Tips against back pain

Back issues? Regular exercise helps to rebuild the back muscles, regain your flexibility and correct incorrect postures.

What is the best way to train?

  1. Strengthen core muscles that support the back
  2. Light aerobic exercise for healthy joints and endurance
  3. Stretching for flexibility and alignment

Bouncing on the highly elastic bellicon® is one of the few methods which trains all three parts at the same time. And without great effort! A light workout on the bellicon® strengthens the muscles in the abdomen, pelvis and hips. Exactly the muscles that are so important for a good support of the back. In addition, you make overloaded muscles stronger and more supple.

Action for Healthier Backs

Logo van het keurmerk AGR (Actie voor een gezonde rug) met een meneer die gezond op de bellicon zijn rug aan het trainen is

AGR recommends the bellicon® for back pain

Independent experts have awarded the AGR seal of approval to the bellicon®. The reason: the efficient and gentle training on the bellicon® that has many positive effects on the back.

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For back pain relief, get moving

Harvard Medical School hosts a great site for people searching for all kinds of health-related information. It includes a lot well-written, non-academic material covering a wide range of topics. Of course, it being Harvard, you can also find a great many research papers and postings for doctors, researchers and healthcare professionals.

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What customers say


'I enjoy using the bellicon!'

'Exercising on the bellicon gives me a lot of pleasure! I have noticed that you have to build it up slowly in the beginning. Now I have less back problems and my condition has improved. That is why I recommend the bellicon for people with back problems or lymph problems. With the bellicon you can move more in a fun way. I use the bellicon almost daily!'

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Move with back pain on the bellicon

Train regularly and at your own pace

If you are going to train, do it briefly and with moderate intensity instead of a long intensive workout. Try to make it a routine to stand on the bellicon® for at least 10-15 minutes every day. If you suffer from chronic or acute back pain, ask your doctor to determine the most suitable training programme for you.

Free poster and DVDs with exercises

With each bellicon® mini trampoline you will receive a free poster, two DVDs and a 2-month subscription to the online bellicon® Home platform. This is handy, because it allows you to create your own ideal training programme with exercises that appeal to you.

Choose the right bungee strength

The bellicon® mini trampoline can be assembled to your wishes. What you should pay particular attention to is the bungee strength. This is determined by your weight and the intensity of the workout. In the case of back issues, we recommend choosing a bungee strength that corresponds to the category 'Health bounce', with the somewhat softer elastic bands.  This is how you compose the optimal bellicon® if you have back pain.


The bellicon® Classic with a diameter of 112 cm is ideal for people with back problems. You will have enough space to do all your exercises. Do you want to store the mini trampoline quickly and easily after use? Then choose the version with folding legs. Will the bellicon® remain in place after use? Then the version with screw legs is the most convenient. And you can also choose the bungees in a colour that matches your interior.

Which bungee strength for my bellicon®?
The optimal bungee strength depends on your weight. Using the bungee strength configurator you can easily calculate the correct strength. In case of back problems we recommend some softer elastic bands. In that case, choose for the 'health bounce'. This bungee strength is slightly more flexible. Extra advantage: the mat is also somewhat more unstable, so you automatically train your core muscles.

Xbase training tube
Want to vary a little more than the many possibilities your mini trampoline already offers? There is also an Xbase training tube available as an option. With this you can, among other things, stabilize your core. In case of back problems, the goal is not to get off the mat, but to keep in contact with it.

This way you will automatically work on a healthier, more vital and more energetic life!

back exercises on the bellicon®

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4 minutes of posture exercises and 4 special back exercises

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4 minutes of back training on the bellicon®

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Simple exercises with physiotherapist Andreas Sperber

the benefits of the BELLICON® MINI TRAMPOLINe

Regular training on the bellicon® mini trampoline has numerous positive effects on your entire body. Bouncing on this device not only effectively strengthens the cardiovascular system and all muscles, but also activates the metabolism of each cell. The moderate movement on the bellicon® also promotes the body's self-healing functions. This in turn has positive effects on some of our societal diseases.

Jump up to a new level of fitness. Order your bellicon® today!