Weight management

No more quick fixes, just quick bounces

An overweight woman sits on a bellicon® mini trampoline

Fad diets appear with the regularity of new TV shows. Yet the number of people who are overweight doesn’t seem to get any smaller. Besides the obvious fact that hungry is not happy, the truth is that dieting alone won’t give you the body you want – or help you keep it. Exercise is just as essential to weight management as healthly eating.

The U.S. National Weight Control Registry offers a lesson in staying lean: Of the 10,000 and more people who have lost an average of 30 kilograms and kept them off for more than five years, almost nine out of ten used exercise along with dieting to reach their goal. Bouncing on a bellicon® provides an ideal full-body workout to get you trim and keep you trim.

An older woman leaning on an upright bellicon® mini trampoline

Bounce to beat the bulge

Of course, the fact that healthy eating goes hand in hand with exercise is nothing new. But what might change things for you is discovering that making a habit of getting on your bellicon® is much more fun than only eating lettuce leaves. In fact, you’ll love it so much you won’t want to miss a workout.

Take the work out of workout

So you believe burning calories is hard labour? Not on a bellicon®. Instead of feeling like you’re doing time, you’ll have so much fun on the bellicon® exploring a wide range of exercises, your session will fly by. And since you can easily adjust the pace and duration of your exercise, you’ll be astonished to discover that instead of feeling exhausted afterwards, you’ll be invigorated.

A bellicon® is all about getting your workout to work for you. Move your mini trampoline indoors or out, bounce barefoot or in shoes – the choice is yours. When you work out is also entirely up to you. Since our exceptionally sturdy frame, which can support up to 200 kilograms, is practically silent, there’s no such thing as too early or too late for exercising.

Bouncing on a bellicon® will change your view of working out. Health and fitness suddenly become fun.

An overweight woman exercises on a bellicon® mini trampoline

Stoke your metabolic engine

A little bouncing here and there to lose weight everywhere

Two colleagues talking in an office while one stands on a bellicon® mini trampoline

We credit the success of the bellicon® to the fun factor. The reason is that exercising to lose weight is less about intensity and more about regularity.

Rebounding is an extremely efficient calorie burner. Studies show that this form of cardiovascular exercise raises your metabolic rate for up to 24 hours after you get off your mini trampoline, whether you’re working, relaxing or even sleeping.

By bouncing more often – in between meetings, errands and your favourite TV shows – you’re telling your body to burn fat and produce more energy. This surge in metabolism will help you to not only lose weight and relieve stress, but also to boost your strength, vitality, mental alertness and immune system.

We say jump. You say how far.

For most of us, even those with health problems, light physical activity is a lot better than none.

On a bellicon®, you decide on the intensity of your routine. Which is why you can start getting in shape today, irrespective of your current fitness level. It also means your mini trampoline can do different things for different family members with varying levels of health and fitness.

We would all like to be able to just wish the extra kilos away in an instant. But research shows that steady, gradual weight loss (between half and a kilogram a week) sets you on the path to keeping it off. As the names imply, crash diets and quick programmes are not a permanent fix. Staying in shape is about adopting a lifestyle that includes long-term changes in daily eating and exercise habits.

Whenever you’re ready, the bellicon® mini trampoline lays that leaner, healthier, more active and vibrant life at your feet.

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Total health can be totally fun!

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