Get kids bounding through life

Jumping on the bed can’t compare

Little tots seem to have boundless energy, often exhausting their parents with their running, jumping and playing. Sadly, as they grow older and spend more time at school, doing homework and sitting in front of TV and computer screens, their love of physical activity often gets lost.

Don’t let your children get stuck in a sedentary lifestyle. With a bellicon® at home, they can rediscover their love of the exercise that’s so important for growing bodies. Bouncing isn’t just a wonderful way to motivate inactive kids to move more, it also provides a great outlet for those who never seem to stop. And while they’re having fun, you’ll see the benefits in improved sleeping and eating patterns, stronger bones, better study habits, a good self-image and eventually a fitter, healthier adult.

Kids are born to bounce. With a bellicon®, they can get all the benefits without destroying your furniture.

A mother and child simultaneously bounding on two bellicon® mini trampolines
A graphic description of a  study by the University of Michigan showing how limited the offer of physical education in high, middle and elementary schools is

bellicon® boys and girls

Schools don’t provide the exercise children need

Daily PE classes and games of catch during breaks used to keep kids active. But the world has changed.

The roughly two hours a week of physical exercise that children aged between 5 and 14 get at English schools falls short of what medical experts recommend – not only in terms of quantity but also quality. The Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills (Ofsted) found that in more than one out of four schools, pupils’ fitness failed to improve. This was largely because lessons didn’t provide enough physical activity.

The digital age with it’s always-on personal electronic devices and video games means that, after school, kids are glued to screens. More often than not, PlayStation trumps the playground.

Childhood obesity on the rise

Effects last into adulthood

Obese kids:

Childhood obesity has reached epidemic proportions. The National Child Measurement Programme reports that one in three British children aged between two and ten years are overweight.

Carrying excess weight at a young age is linked to a slew of diseases previously only seen in adults, including high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and elevated blood cholesterol. Worse still, it can shorten your lifespan. And the repercussions don’t end with poor physical health. Psychological well-being is also affected. Obese children are more prone to low self-esteem, negative body image and depression.

The rise in obesity levels has also been linked to the fact that children’s fitness levels have dropped heavily worldwide since 1975.

A picture of 4 children in profiles depicting four stages of weight gain from a normal state to obesity.

Making health and fitness child’s play

Bouncing on a bellicon® is so much fun, no kid will believe it’s as good for them as eating their vegetables. It tones every muscle in your body, boosts your metabolism and improves flexibility and balance – all without placing any strain on the joints. Plus, you decide how fast and how hard you exercise.

With their growing bodies and fast metabolisms, children quickly take to new physical activities that will continue to benefit them into adulthood. As part of the 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services highlighted the substantial health gains young people receive from daily moderate- and vigorous-intensity exercise of 60 minutes or more. As this activity can even be spread over a number of shorter sessions, a few minutes on a bellicon® while playing with friends or watching TV can add up to a fitter, healthier child.

A boy and a girl having fun jumping on two bellicon® mini trampolines

Boning up on life

A graphic depiction of normal and low bone density

The bones you build in your youth carry you through the rest of your life. By the age of 18, girls already have nine tenths of their peak bone mass, while boys reach this figure by 20. For women especially, building bone density during childhood can mean the difference between suffering from or avoiding osteoporosis as adults.

The bellicon® mini trampoline is your bones’ best friend. The combined effects of gravity and muscular contractions stimulate bone growth like nothing else. And that’s no exaggeration. As NASA has discovered, there is literally no better exercise for strengthening the skeletal system than rebounding.

Have your kids make the leap from bouncing on the bed to the bellicon® and see the results for yourself.

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A bellicon® gives your kids the best start in life

Exercising on a bellicon® is an all-round tonic for your child’s health. Bouncing not only stimulates little ones’ lymphatic systems to flush out toxins, bacteria and dead cells but also boosts their immune systems and improves blood and oxygen flow throughout their bodies. Since playing on a mini trampoline enhances mental processing, it can reduce the need for stimulants in kids with ADHD. Calmer, less moody, more rested bellicon® children make parenting easier. Plus, they’re better equipped to deal with life’s little knocks.

Special benefits for kids with special needs

A customer video of an autistic child on a bellicon®, video play symbol

Customer video: My autistic son on a bellicon®

Kids don’t care about how healthy bouncing is for them. They do it for the sheer joy of it. This is especially true of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, Asperger’s syndrome and autism. But as parents, you do care. So it’s good to know that health and treatment authorities across the board stress the importance of exercise in managing these conditions and improving the physical and emotional welfare of the children who suffer from them.

The fun of bouncing on a bellicon® is a highly effective aerobic exercise that has been shown to:

... Increase blood flow to the brain, enhancing cognitive abilities
... Reduce stress and anxiety as well as improve sleep patterns
... Increase attention, concentration and self-control

Cushioning their falls

We all take extra care when it comes to our little ones and bellicon is no different. If you’re buying a bellicon® for a child or young person, these accessories ensure that they can safely enjoy all the benefits of bouncing:

A picture of a child wildly jumping on a bellicon enhanced with a frame cushion

Frame cushions (highly recommended for kids)

Running, playing or bouncing – with kids, it’s not a question of if they’ll fall but when. At bellicon, we don’t want that to be the end of good fun and good exercise. Which is why our thicker and more durable frame cushions are designed especially for youthful exuberance. So when they do take a tumble, they’ll get right back up without a scratch on them. Cushions are available for all frame sizes and come in four colours: orange, pink, green and grey.

A picture depicting the three frame sizes available in which a bellicon® mini trampoline is available

Frame sizes: 39", 44", and 49"

Just because kids are smaller than adults doesn’t mean they don’t like having room to play. So it stands to reason that the same rule on frame size applies for them, too: the bigger the better. Also, a broader mat means broader exercise options. And kids get so caught up in jumping on the bellicon® that they really do use every inch of the mat. So it’s worth getting the largest size your home can accommodate. Of course, if you plan on travelling with your bellicon®, or have very limited floor space, then the 39" frame will still give you the same incredible bungee suspension system as the larger models but in a more manageable size.

a picture of the bellicon® folding leg system

Folding legs

Our folding legs make stowing your bellicon® quick and easy. Plus, they’re not only as stable and reliable as our standard screw-in legs but also have the same 200-kilogram weight limit.

A picture of five black bungee rings in different rebound strengths depicted by thei colourful clips

Bungee strength

We offer five bungee strengths: soft, medium, strong, extra-strong, ultra. Children weighing up to about 60 kilograms will love the deliciously deep bounce of our soft bungees. If your bellicon® is to be used by more than one person, you should choose a bungee strength that accommodates the heaviest among you. Everyone will still get to enjoy the mini trampoline – and you don’t want anyone touching the floor while they bounce. Your neighbours will thank you for it!

Jump up to a new level of fitness. Order your bellicon® today!