For some, 'Made in China' doesn't fit

bellicon USA 20.03.2014

bellicon USA was part of a article by Sylvia Westall discussing the new movement of German companies bringing production out of China, and right back home to Germany.

Why? Because the attention to detail and quality is synonymous with the bellicon, and what better way to pay attention to those assets, than right in your backyard?

An excerpt:

"'The German trampoline maker Bellicon, with an annual revenue of €2 million, also says it regretted moving some production to China and has now brought it home.'

'It was no surprise the quality varied so much. New people came, the quality dropped, then they improved their skills and left,' Heiko Schmauck of bellicon USA said, adding that the Chinese-made trampoline parts did not reach high enough endurance standards."

But we aren't the only ones, read more from the NY Times!

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